I miss the Russian members

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  1. Owen

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    Got a bit of a nostalgia head on at the moment.
    A few years back we had some good members from Russia.
    Two that stand out were both called Alex.
    AMVAS who did the RKKA in WW2 pages on armchairgeneral.
    Also deadb_tch from Belgorod who I used to chat with alot off forum.
    I have heard from him a few months ago.

    We also had a few loons, T34 & stalin.
    They may have been the same person.

    It would be good to hear from them again oneday.
    I doubt if we ever will.
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  2. CL1

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    drop them a line ask them to return

    quite a few dropped off
  3. von Poop

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    T-34, eh.
    What a card. :lol:
    The only ban that also came with the word 'Nazi' placed beside the discharged user title?
    Can't remember precisely why.
    A pretty standard thread from him:
    Eastern Front was the main theatre of war

    Amvas seemed to kind of fizzle out along with his RKKA site when the Russian archives shut down again. Great work in milking them for that period of access when so much flowed. What? 1995-ish to 2010-ish?

    Alex a thoroughly decent chap.

    The world turns...
  4. Blutto

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    On the subject of absent Russians, I have noted that it would seem that the Russians and their associated terrorist groups have a dislike for fighting at night. I have made a point of viewing NATO aerial observation activities over a period of time and they seem (apart from the odd Q4 drone) to go to bed at night.

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