I have a east german post-war uniform...

Discussion in 'General' started by nategorga, May 11, 2009.

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    Hi, I have recently gotten an East German uniform from after the war. I just don't know what class it is from, and around when it was from.


    The full jacket...


    The patches on the uniform. There are 2 of them on each cuff, and 2 on the collar.


    Another shot of the uniform.

    On the inside of the jacket, it says "dederon haltlg", "NVA g52 I A" "03203".

    Could somebody tell me when this uniform was from, and what rank it was worn by? Thanks.
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    Your uniform seems to be dated from 1977 (East Germany had a letter system representing each year of manufacture, the I A means first quarter of 1977). The piping on the uniform is white, representing most East German regular army divisions. The Stasi, or secret police (East German version of the KGB ) also wore uniforms like this (though the collar tabs were red).

    From the collar tabs, it looks most likely to be an enlisted soldier's uniform. You don't have shoulder boards on the uniform, which would denote a specific rank.

    A great site for information on East German uniforms can be found here:

    Gowen Militaria - America's Original East German Specialists
    Gowen Militaria - America's Original East German Specialists

    One last note: The tabs on your sleeves are referred to as "parade bars." They were eventually phased out of East German uniforms. Uniforms with these are harder to come by, so you have a good collectible there.

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