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    We have just got my wifes Grandfathers war records through and one of the entries says that he "disembarked South Africa and attd. I.F.T.C Retreat". It then says, further on, "CTBA IFTC Retreat and embarked".
    Does anyone rcognise this and can explain what it means.

    As a note we believe that he was on a ship going to India that was damaged off South Africa and was towed into SimonsTown if this has anything to do with the above.
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    Have you got the date for his embarkation in the UK (as this may help identify the convoy)?


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    This may explain the IFTC:

    "They spent an idyllic couple of days billeted at Clairwood Camp, formerly the Imperial Forces Trans-shipment Camp (IFTC), which was a huge tented camp overlooking Clairwood Racecourse, where most of the forces passing through Durban stayed"

    From here which I doubt has anything to do with your Grandfather's journey:

    A Troopship Revolt - By Allan Jackson - Facts About Durban

    Also for CTBA - Ceases to be Attached

    Regards ..
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    Many thanks Cee,
    I did find the bit about Durban in the end but he disembarked in Simonstown. I wonder if Retreat may have been the name of the place where the Camp was situated, I will have a look at a map of SA.

    Thanks also for the info on CTBA, the records office do send a list of abrieviations etc. but it doesn't cover everyone.
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    The main reason he would have disembarked at Simonstown was that it was the main British Naval Base halfway up the peninsula to Cape Town where repairs could have been done...

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    Yup, I think I was barking up the wrong tree (again). Just doing a quick search on Wikipedia there is a Retreat S.A. close by Simon's Town.

    Added: I do pick up an I.F.T.C Westlake, Cape Town, SA also close by Retreat ...?
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    Another possibility is the Imperial Forces Transit Camp 'Pollsmoor', near Retreat. See this page on General Anders Polish Army.


    I'll attach the "Information for Visiting Troops" pamphlet.

    Regards ...

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