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Discussion in 'USA' started by brndirt1, Jul 5, 2009.

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    I don't know if this site has been posted or not, I couldn't find anything like it in the search function. If I am wrong, or putting it in the wrong section please feel free to delete, combine, or move it as needed.

    It is dedicated to the WW2 efforts of the man famous for children's books and stories, Dr. Seuss. He used his drawing talents to lampoon America's enemies, and anti-war isolationists in America itself.


    Untitled Document

    His treatment of the French Vichy government isn't too gentle either.
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    Hi brndrt1

    Can't remember welcoming you aboard but, if I failed to do so , consider yourself now well and truly welcomed !

    I am fairly well used to seeing Seuss's WW2 output, even if it was largely shown in the USA, and when I find a bit of time I will certainly run through the years between '42 and '45 to see which one's I remember.

    Many thanks for posting this link and best regards

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    The cartoons certainly made a visual impact for the war effort.


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