I am looking for combat photos of the small villages around Cassel.

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  1. I managed to find this photo of the entrance to Eecke via St sylvestre Cappel, a place of terrible fighting in 1940. It is totally this kind of thing that I am looking for to understand the situation of the place during the war.

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    Any idea as to which unit this Matilida 1 would belong to?

    Looking at photos of the 4th/7th RTR's counterattack at Arras on this site 1940 – 1941 the markings on the tank at Steenvoorde look remarkably similar:
    - Square white ID on front and side of the hull
    - Prewar UK registration plate (R(M?)Y 948) still attached
    - Looks like a nickname (?OMAS?) under the drivers periscope and above the .50" ammo belt

    Is this one of the last survivors of the 4th/7th RTR's composite force that fought at La Bassee canal? If they were withdrawing towards Dunkirk travelling through/near Cassel would certainly make sense.

    If not 4th/7th RTR does anyone know what British armoured units were present around Cassel during 20th - 28th May 1940?
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    According to Tank Names v7:
    7th Royal Tank Regiment, 1st Army Tank Brigade
    Infantry A11, Matilda Mk I
    T 5594
    RMY 948
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    Thanks Itdan, very helpful.

    If you look at the name hard it is indeed GNAT, so it is from the 4th/7th RTR composite force.

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