Hutchinsons pictorial history of the war encyclopedias

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  1. jackelhunter

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    I am clearing my fathers house and have found some really 6 old Hutchinsons pictorial history of the war which goes through WW2 does any one know who I can get to value them or buy them as I would like them to go to another historian and appreciate them . I live in Beccles suffolk please email me thank you .
  2. CL1

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    Look on the selling sites
    1 set showing for £250 but doesnt mean you will get that
  3. idler

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    They are a bit of a nightmare as the part-works could be bound in pretty much any combination. You might have six thin volumes or six thick ones - you'd need to list the dates covered. There were also different qualities of bindings to annoy people trying to build a set 75 years later...

    Rarity also depends on when they were published. Like most series, there are plenty of the early war years, but not many people persisted through to the end so later ones are harder to find. As a guide, a full set is the best part of three foot of shelfspace.

    I hope you can find them a home as they are an interesting view of events as they happened, particularly of some of the more obscure ones in the early years.

    There was a secondhand bookshop in Beccles a couple of years ago. That might be a more hopeful destination than a charity shop, even if there's little profit in it.
  4. jackelhunter

    jackelhunter New Member

    Thanks I will try them and see
  5. jackelhunter

    jackelhunter New Member

    yes these are thick ones about three feet in total
  6. idler

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    According to a note I've got, the final issue was 4 Sep 1945 - a round six years. A complete matching set in decent nick will be worth something to someone. Just bear in mind that what's listed online is there because it hasn't sold yet. Postage is also going to be bugger.

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