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    Erosion is attacking other monuments around the British coast. One of the coastal gun emplacements which defended the Humber estuary in WWII has been completely lost in recent years.
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    Hmm, yust spotted this duck-shoving official statement FWLIW :rolleyes:;
    Hurst Castle – Collapse of Section of East Wing Wall | English Heritage
    Key paragraph as follows:
    English Heritage was days away from commencing works to underpin the east wing of the castle, whose foundations – similar to the castle’s west wing – were being eroded by the sea. However, there were no signs of any major structural problems until a storm on 23 February prompted a rapid descent from stability to the collapse of an approximately 38 metre section of the east wing wall.
    So, there you have it again writ plain - foundation erosion is not a major structural problem. Yeah, right !

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