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    I would like to start by saying how invaluable the information provided by members has been while researching my Grandfathers service record & I thank you all.
    I've used what I've learned here to figure out most of my Granda’s service history, how he started in the Royal Artillery coastal batteries before retraining as an infantryman in 1Bn Royal Norfolk’s.

    However I’m puzzled by one of his postings,
    It would appear that soon after joining the Norfolk’s he was medically downgraded to B2, although he was classed as A1 on discharge.
    He was then posted to 46 RHU before posting to a unit called no. 3 ASC. Under x (v) list presumably for training.
    3 ASC is then attached to HQ 1 AB Corps. I’ve tried to find out what this could be but to no avail, has anyone ever come across 3 ASC before?

    Also there’s something puzzling in his records, on one of the pages it clearly says ‘Embark NWE & disembark UK and SOS BAOR’ and yet on another page it says his military service was only in the UK & India.
    I’ve found few details on Corp HQ with regards to Market Garden, or what they did when 1 AB Div returned to the UK. Is there any way of finding out, if he actually went to NWE & when, or if he definitely stayed with HQ Rear in the UK.
    I would appreciate any help, many thanks.

    Postings 1.jpg Postings 2.jpg Service.jpg
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    I've moved this post to the airborne section, thanks.

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