How/why would a service decoration be awarded multiple times?

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    Forgive my ignorance, but that is why I am here....

    I’m specifically asking about the Polish Medal Lotniczy za Wojne 1939-1945. If it is for "general" service, and not a specific act of gallantry/bravery etc. such as The Cross of Valour (Krzyż Walecznych) appears to be, how can it be awarded "up to four times"? If you served during required time period then yes, you would qualify, but then how can you have served multiple times during the same timeframe? What am I missing here? The one shown below has two bars, thus awarded three times.

    As per Traces of War:

    This medal was instituted in 1945. It was awarded to personnel of the Polish Air Forces in active duty during the Second World War. The 36 mm in diameter medal is silver with a so called French Ball suspension ring. In the centre of the medal the Polish Air Force insignia can be found. This is enamelled in red and white. This insignia is surrounded by an oak leaf wreath. On the reverse the words "POLSKA SWEMU OBRONCY" can be found, also surrounded by an oak leaf wreath. The ribbon is pale blue with a white stripe on each edge of the ribbon. The medal could be awarded four times. Each additional awarding was noted with the addition of a clasp with oak leafs on the ribbon.

    Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    When researching my extended family some years ago I found 32 relatives who died in WW1.
    They ranged from Private soldiers, sailors and airmen, all the way up to a Bishop!

    I came across something that looks similar in UK Military Awards so perhaps your medal is for a similar purpose.

    Mentioned in dispatches - Wikipedia

    Perhaps others more knowledgeable might help.
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