How many troops per Div Ord Workshop?

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    Morning all,

    Trying to find out how many personnel would have been part of a divisional ordnance workshop, RAOC?

    Great-uncle was part of the 18th Div and was captured in Singapore, buried in Chungkai.

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    The answer to your question as asked in general terms is that it is complicated by the role and equipment of the individual Div. at any specific time.

    There will be a figure for 18 Div. 1942. You need access to the War Diary for the Div. Perhaps ask the specific question on the Far East forum.
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    Pilot Roll of 18 Div RAOC from the BRE in Changi POW Camp. It is in WO 361-2181 which is available on Fold 3. The Roll itself is alphabetical so if you want the numbers for a particular Unit you would have to go through the Roll and manually count them. This is the first page:

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  4. MongoUK

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    Ok thanks both.

    He was 18 Div Ordnance Workshops. Do I'll have to take a look.

  5. Gary Kennedy

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    WE for a Divisional Ordnance Workshop, ref II/20E/1, dated 27th May 1941, consisted of;

    Headquarters - 5 officers, 40 ORs
    No.1 Group - 2 officers, 93 ORs
    No.2 Group - 2 officers, 116 ORs
    No.3 Group - 2 officers, 93 ORs

    Total 353 all ranks

    Each Group had a HQ (2 officers, 13 OR), an Armament Section (33 OR), Vehicle & Carrier Section (29 OR) and a Recovery Section (18 OR). No.2 Group also had a Small Arms and MG Section (23 OR).


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