How many tanks?

Discussion in '1940' started by MarkN, May 29, 2016.

  1. MarkN

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    Fear not! 1st Armd Div documents are there. They come after the 1st Div Sec RAOC documents. However, it's just 4 pages of nothing and the officers' nominal role. As it says on the cover "no diary".

    Regarding Snow White, have a read of this thread: Scammell "Snow White."
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    It was a total brain fart.

    I shall be going to the library again in the next couple of months, so if there are any articles you seek, but cannot obtain, let me know. Check out the website to see what they have available, happy to copy anything.

  3. MarkN

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    On the other forum you asked about 2.Inf-Div(mot) about Abbeville and Amiens. Are you interested in the original German documentation l found?
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  4. BFBSM

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    I am, and I appreciate the offer, but if it is in German, I wouldn't be able to understand it.
  5. MarkN

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    Yep. All in the original German. Not only that, but most documents are also fire and water damaged and thus tricky to read.
  6. morrisc8

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    3RTR taken on 23.5.40, the burnt out tanks from the road. The other photos i have of the same tanks are taken from the other side.
    burnt out tanks 1.jpg
    tanks 1940 war.JPG
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  7. morrisc8

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    Brittany, Brest. Photo from epay. Number might be T1285 ? T7235 ? hard to read.
    tank fr 2.jpg tank fr 2 T number.jpg
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  8. Richelieu

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    It is T7235 Keith.

    Actually it was lost north-east of Rouen on the Route de Neufchatel.
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  9. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    3RTR taken on 23.5.40, the burnt out tanks from the field. photo from epay.
    tank ww2 france.jpg
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    JERICHO Junior Member

    Hi Keith ,

    In the Marquise, Cap Gris Nez area according to the legend on Epay
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  11. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    Some more from my pc and epay. Sorry if they have been put on here before
    Keith tank 1940 bef.jpg Cruiser Tank Mark Mk I CS A9 photo 2.JPG tank 1 kia.jpg tank 1 kia c.jpg
  12. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    One more from epay.
    ww2 tank 1940.jpg
  13. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    One more from epay.
    tank train.jpg
  14. David Z.

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    Hi ! I'm a new member and I need your help. I look for pictures of battle for Boulogne-sur-Mer 25-26th may 1940. The seller of this snapshot write that this A9 is knock out in Boulogne but I don't think so. Some of the members wrote that the T 7251 was destroyed in Calais. Can you confirm ? Thanks a lot!

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