How Many Men Can You Fit On A Tank?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Technology & Equipment' started by von Poop, Feb 26, 2014.

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    I'll raise you a Stug with 25.
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    We always tried to carry 10 men ( one section )of Infantry which gave us one platoon per troop of three Tanks i.e one company per squadron…two companies per two squadrons etc…One Regiment of Tanks to Battalion of Infantry for the biggies…that way our 21TB looked after 2nd Bde of 1st Canadians with extras to the other bdes as necessary- made sense at the time - on my last battle we had two
    troops with two much reduced "A" and "D"…Seaforths of Canada after 20 minutes we were even more reduced with one Tank left and not
    many Infantry-

    C'est la guerre

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    A few more Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, here. near Udenhout Holland 1944.

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    In the closing stages of the war in Italy I found myself part of the Kangaroo Army of the 2nd Armd Brigade.

    The Priest Kangaroos, of my experience, held anything between 10 and 20 infantrymen although it would be good if we could ask one the troops that we carried if they could remember the actual figure.

    I thought I'd better do a bit of Googling to confirm my memory and found plenty on the subject, a couple of samples shown below.

    I also quote from the 4th QOH Regimental diary of March '45.

    A Canadian armored personnel carrier conversion of the M7 for use by British and Commonwealth units in northern Europe.[9] The Kangaroo could carry 20 infantry plus a crew of two. A total of 102 were converted between October 1944 and April 1945. The name "Kangaroo" became generic for all conversions of armored fighting vehicles into personnel carriers, including Ram tank conversions.

    Whatever the official figure was for how many men should be carried I can remember times when limits were ignored and the chaps in the turret area were crammed like sardines.


    I see that Bexley84 says here:
    "two sections to a General Grant tank"
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    Eight in comfort at an OP party on top of the FOO's APC....

    There needs to be enough room for the furniture.

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    Ahh, the Royal Regiment. (Mine own, once) Style and class as standard!
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    Another creditable 19(?)


    20, with an assumption:

    That Stug's pretty hard to beat for sheer number of tankodesantniki.
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    Australian infantrymen of the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, ride on the front of a Centurion tank from the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars, which is taking them to their positions north of the Imjin River.

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    Apologies beforehand.

    When I see all those soldiers piled upon the armor, I can't help but have Entry of Gladiators come to mind.
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    I am sorry not to be able to contribute, but to me this is another fine thread in the same line as the Armoured Cars and Pith Helmets one :)
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    OK, but we all know the answer to be "Quite a Lot" :wink:

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    I realise that the machine has turrets, but it is stretching it. :biggrin:

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    Lesley / Nick

    Your Father's Tank is a topless universal carrier… Nick - very odd looking Tank although we had one that flew - see "Green Envelopes at Rimini" on my

    BBc series below...

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