How many ANZACS were born in your town or village in the UK or around the World?

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  1. 4jonboy

    4jonboy Daughter of a 56 Recce

    What a fantastic site!

    11 born in Goole
    2 in Idle, Bradford-more or less next door to where I was born and lived:D

  2. Roxy

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    Born in Edinburgh - 999
    Grew up in Broxburn, West Lothian - 9
    Live in Elgin, Moray - 57
    Work between Formby, Merseyside - 1 and Ainsdale, Merseyside - 2


    PS Slightly disaappointed that the map also gives the Falkland Islands the alternate name Islas Malvinas - I expect that the individuals who joined the Australian Forces would have known their home as the former!
  3. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria. Patron

    Wow what a site have found 14 born in Cockermouth
    And a chap that is remembered on the war memorial that i couldn't find
    Well chuffed cheers Geoff.

    Regards Michael.
  4. spidge

    spidge RAAF RESEARCHER Patron

    Wow what a site have found 14 born in Cockermouth
    And a chap that is remembered on the war memorial that i couldn't find
    Well chuffed cheers Geoff.

    Regards Michael.

    Did you read their war records?


  5. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria. Patron

    I did Geoff alot of detail and some great reading
    Hardisty was an interesting read bit of a naughty boy by the look of it.
    Have saved it to my favourites for further reading

  6. RCG

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    Yes a fantastic site, of course there are a few errors such as I found when looking at Briston in Norfolk, there are 4 listed but 1 comes from Bilston notts and another from Bristol.

    Once you start reading their records it is hard to stop.
    What made these men enlist was it being patriotic or did they just miss the military life, as most I have looked at were in their 30s and 40s?

    For example this man.
    Robert Howmans b 17th July 1878, in Saxthorpe Norfolk.
    enlisted 24/08/14 to C company 2nd battalion
    a labourer, not married, age 36.
    Previous service. 12 years 1st Norfolk Regiment.
    Reason for leaving. Termination of engagement required.

    Research on Ancestry, shows that he went from London to Sydney in 1909 on the ship Ortonia.

    Service Record.
    Embarked at Sydney per H.M.A.T. A23 Suffolk 18/10/14

    Appt Sgt reorgainization of 2nd Bn 1/1/15
    Prom to R.S.M. Vice W.O. Lowe to 2/ltd
    25/5/15 trans from 4 F.A. to hosp ship Epileptic
    8/6/15 trans to Franconia.
    4/6/15 Dis to duty admin stat Hosp Mudros 10/6/15 Epilepsy
    Prom. to Co Sgt major
    21/10/15 Inv to Eng. per HS Aquitania Ex Mudros Jaundice.
    27/10/15 Ad Mil Hosp Fulham.
    11/9/15 to Field Amb
    12/2/16 Placed on super. list regl.
    11/12/15 Spec Mentionee in Despaches by Sir Ian Hamiltion
    for services in Dard operations.

    11/3/16 Returned to Australia.
  7. ritsonvaljos

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    In at least some instances the place of birth has been taken from the line that asks where it is near rather than the actual birthplace.

    For example:

    (1) William Aubrey Oates, 3rd Bn A.I.F. was born at Cleator Moor, Cumberland. Because he has stated this is near Whitehaven (about 3 miles away) the database gives his origin as Whitehaven.

    (2) Douglas Hastings Tembey, 47th Bn A.I.F. was also born at Cleator Moor, Cumberland. His birthplace appears to have incorrectly been transcribed as Cleaton Moor, Cumberland (for which there is no such town).
  8. spidge

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    I think you have to take some of the spelling with a grain of salt. Probably an Australian taking the detail from people who, like many Australians, did not have high education levels and the accents would have been horrific. Many would not have been able to spell the name of their town/village and the person taking the attestation would not have ever heard of the place name either.

    I had a good look at place names in Ireland and there are some really bad errors that take a bit of juggling to find however the end result for research purposes is worth the browse.
  9. bofors

    bofors Senior Member

    Very interesting
    From Coatbridge, where Dad was born, 38 - Mapping our Anzacs
    and Salsburgh whenre Mum was born- a big fat 0, interesting

    It is good how their names are linked to their service records, saves having to go through NAA to look them up.


  10. DaveB

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    Following on from this resource for WW1 ANZACs, a similar service is available for WW2 Aussie servicemen & women – albeit not as refined as the WW1 version.

    Not wanting to draw anything away from this thread but here is a link to the WW2 Nominal Roll as hosted by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

    Once there click on the PLACE button and prepare yourself for the vast variety of combinations of the town you are looking for, either from Australia or overseas. It lists the following results - Place of Birth / Residential Locality on Enlistment / Place of Enlistment.

    Usually for overseas locations there are only results for Place of Birth but sometimes there are personnel with an overseas Residential Locality on Enlistment or Place of Enlistment.

    I have started a new thread on this resource (it has been around for a while but I don't know how many on here use it).

    Link here:
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