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    Iv been researching my great uncle Stanley’s part in the war for a while now having found some amazing documentation for him with some amazing help from you guys which I thank you all for, including two cards from his POW times which I found on TNA site other stuff from find my past.

    he served with the searchlight regiment was captured at Dunkirk and transported to a sorting camp then along to a more permanent camp where he spent the rest of the war until liberation where he was transported home but sadly died of TB before he could reach home.

    I have found his grave he is buried with his farther which is in the village he was born. I take comfort knowing atleast he was able to return home I visit regularly to pay my respects.

    Now I am wondering have I gone as far as I can go ? Is there anything else I could have missed any other documentation I don’t know about ?
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    You could try and obtain:

    His ICRC records from Requests for information about people held during Spanish Civil War or the Second World War: Quarterly limit reached covering the time he was captive

    His service records Request records of deceased service personnel for the time before he was captured then having received these you could obtain the War Diaries for the units he was in from The National Archives - or you could contact our 1940 Dunkirk expert Drew5233 as he likely aldready has copies of the relevant WD's

    You could also post his name and details on this thread and see what turns up

    I assume you are only interested in his military history?
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    This is your chap
    You don’t happen to have any for Conway’s ? Stanley ,John

    Have you got his Service Record?
    You may have got as far as you can if you don't splash some cash - it would cost you £30 but there are Pals here to help decipher.
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    Ha - should have checked - thanks Kevin - so we have already been through all the options

    NO more from me then


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