How do you all record your findings?

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    Good morning
    Just wondered how anyone records their research. Over time I've just collected data, scanned, saved to a file and then spent too much time trying to find and cross-reference. As someone who is also interested in family history in general - it struck me ( a bit too easy really), that could record my work in my family tree programme - I'm using Family Historian. Now, I find that is great - everything all in one place (almost). Sources all together, media too and.... connections connected!

    So, how do you do it? just interested, but open to suggestions to make the process easier - since using FH does have it's limitations; like having the 30th Field Rgt. RA as a parent, and 4th Infantry Division as grandparent to my grandad.

    Anyone timeline their work and how - spreadsheets?


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    Hello Paul
    Most of my stuff is headstones and memorials which are all named at time of taking and then easy to search on the hard drive/usb drive once stored on there

    Other stuff named exactly what the document is and stored in on line folders again easily searchable

    Naming the piece of research is key and ensure the naming states exactly what it is

    You can then go down an excel worksheet or build a database depending on the size and depth of your research

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    Hi Paul,

    I was fortunate enough to realise early on that recording data and files was quite important. So I built Excel spreadsheets from the word go. These are the formal base of my research and are especially good at keeping all info on personnel in one place.

    For example, my Chindit 1 personnel spreadsheet, records all known details on any individual participant. Name, DOB, Rank, Army number, Date of Death/POW status, CWGC info/book mentions/family contacts etc.


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