How can we not have a jokes thread?

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Za Rodinu, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Little Harry complains to his Grandfather: Dad beats me up!”

    Grandfather: “ Go to your mother”

    Harry:” She beats me too”

    Grandfather: Go to Football Club Burnley (The Clarets), they haven’t beaten anyone in years

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  3. Lindele

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  4. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    joke, reality or nightmare ?
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    Knock, knock.
    "Who's there ?"
    "Isabel who?"
    "Isabel on a bike necessary?"

    Knock, knock.
    "Who's there ?"
    "Irish stew"
    "Irish stew who?"
    "Irish stew in the name of the law."
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    I have a joke about the Hawker Typhoon, but it falls off at the end.

    I also have a funny story about the Matilda tank, but it takes a while to get going.
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    I've been watching re-runs of Peter Kay on YouTube lately. He came up with this cracker the other night:

    Husband: Why don't you ever tell me when you orgasm?

    Wife: Because I don't like to call you while you're at work!!
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    Some recommended reading:

    1940, Blitzkreig in France by Frank Rike.

    A Rifleman in Stalin's Red Army by Soldier Nitzen.

    The Fall of Berlin by General Kayos.
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    Nice selection HW.

    You may also like: Five Land on D-Day, by Norman D. Beeches.
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    A Russian Army officer's wife is talking to her deployed husband on the phone. "So, darling, what's this Special Military Operation our glorious leader keeps telling us about?" "Well, it's a proxy war between us and NATO..." "Oh? How's it going?" "We've lost 24.000 soldiers, 2,000 tanks, 200 aircraft, several helicopters, loads of other armoured vehicles and artillery, and they've sunk our Black Sea Fleet flagship..." "My goodness!! What about NATO?" "Oh, they haven't turned up yet..."
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    Well, I assume the WHO meant it as a joke when they posted this on my FB timeline. My idea of an 'Event' involves autojumbles and the odd motorcycle run. Occasionally a day standing around dressed in serge...Thank goodness they don't say that Monkeypox can be caught from old engine parts.

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