How can we not have a jokes thread?

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Za Rodinu, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. von Poop

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    Via Tom Holland on twatter.

    Did you hear about the non-binary prospector? They found gold in them/their hills
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  2. Blutto

    Blutto Plane Mad

    Surely 'She/him/it found gold in them/their hills?'
  3. 8RB

    8RB Well-Known Member

    Please be aware of a massive scam that's going on this Christmas!
    I ordered my wife a set of expensive jewellery and instead got a Pickelhaube cover...

    Not my own, but loved it!
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  4. TTH

    TTH Senior Member

    How The Allies Managed.jpg
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  5. TTH

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    I Have A Tank Eff You.jpg
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  6. TTH

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  7. von Poop

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  8. TTH

    TTH Senior Member

    It's worthy of theft. The guy who put these together clearly knows his WWII geekery.
  9. Owen

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  10. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Note to self.
    Acquire plastic toads.
    (Obviously, I already have an assortment of small plastic missiles. :unsure: )
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  11. A-58

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    Saw this on Facebook, just had to share it with y'all. Felt that I should wait a few days before posting though.

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  12. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian Patron

    Ok this is truly terrible... you have been warned. (I think the forum expands twitter links? Maybe not)

    Paul Woodage who runs "WW2TV" on youtube wrote:

    "I bought myself a 21st Army Group toy set as an early Christmas present. It's great, it has infantry, tanks, engineers, pioneers, RASC and REME units etc. But weirdly it has no artillery I checked the box and then I realised why Batteries not included LOLOLOLOL"
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  13. ozzy16

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  14. A-58

    A-58 Not so senior Member Patron

    Childhood photos of famous musicians.

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  15. papiermache

    papiermache Well-Known Member

    Extracted from a 1939 yearbook:

    Fence Picture.jpg

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  16. A-58

    A-58 Not so senior Member Patron

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  17. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member Patron

    From a Christmas Cracker this time around:

    Doctor: I'm afraid you are suffering from hypochondria Mr. Williams.

    Patient: Oh no! Not that as well.
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  18. Tolbooth

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  19. TTH

    TTH Senior Member

    Can Englishmen shpritz? Can they even understand the concept of shpritzing? Here is Rickles shpritzing with Eastwood on the set of "Kelly's Heroes," totally unwritten and unrehearsed, right off the top of Rickles' bald head. And Eastwood is so goyische he hardly understands half the gags.

    I wonder what Rickles would have done with Oddball...

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  20. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    Wasn't sure if this was previously referenced (here on the whole site), there doesn't seem to be search return on LSM-51, perhaps as it was a US ship in the Philippines.

    In 1945, two sailors who were angry about being ordered to scrape and paint USS LSM-51 decided to write "FOR SALE" on the side. It wasn't until another ship signaled "how much do you want for it?" that the confused captain discovered the unauthorized ad. Fortunately for the culprits, the captain was unable to determine who was responsible.


    Recently seen on fb -

    Landing Ship Medium (LSM - 51)

    Shows as the last picture on the page here...
    Landing Ship Medium LSM-51

    They seem to be named here...
    For Sale
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