How can we not have a jokes thread?

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Za Rodinu, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Certainly. Now hopefully the AR15 has a bayonet lug on it, you know, just in case.
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    There's nothing like a good scratch !! Saw this odd-looking poster in a Asda car park, Oxfordshire.

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    I took these a few months ago at a Asda store in Oxfordshire. If it itches, scratch it...
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    There was a young lady from Natchez
    Whose clothing was always in patches.
    When comment arose
    On the state of her clothes,
    She drawled, "When I itches, I scratches."
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    On the Wehrmacht sniping range, the lieutenant says to a fellow soldier: "That new guy over there is pretty good".

    "Yes indeed, he is a fine marksman but I think we need to investigate his personal background".

    "Why?" "After every shot he carefully removes his fingerprints from the rifle".
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    Old Canadian joke:

    Beaver comes back home and sees all of its hard work destroyed ... DAMN!



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