Hospitals for Indian soldiers in Britain

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    I'm researching Indian soliders in Europe during World War Two, and I haven't been able to trace any records on their healthcare. I know they had an Indian General Hospital (IGH) wih them in France and then in Britain - there are mentions of it being at Netley and Stoke Damerel, at Hereford, at Shirley and in Scotland. I know the senior MO was Captain (later Major) JWA Parsons, there was also a Major Early and a Lt Dhillon.

    I've looked in the WO 222 files at the National Archives, without any luck.

    I've also found the photo below on the Getty images site, with this caption

    Indian Servicemen In Hospital
    A nurse serves a morning milk ration to injured Indian servicemen, who are convalescing at Lynhales Auxiliary Hospital, Herefordshire, during World War II, 4th November 1941. The hospital is staffed with Indian doctors and British nurses. (Photo by Maeers/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

    Does anyone have any ideas about where I could find any more records? I'm looking for names of doctors or nurses, locations, information on the ailments that the men had, memoirs, letters, photos.... etc etc etc

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    Rumdoodle,Dont know answer to this but wonder if Hampshire Records Office has anything? They cover Netley area.

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