Honour for Battle of Britain's youngest Spitfire pilot: Sqn Ldr Geoffrey Wellum

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    BBC News - Honour for Battle of Britain's youngest Spitfire pilot

    Honour for Battle of Britain's youngest Spitfire pilot

    The youngest Spitfire pilot in the Battle of Britain has been honoured with the Freedom of the City of London.
    Sqn Ldr Geoffrey Wellum joined the RAF on a short-service commission in August 1939 at the age of 18.
    He served with 92 Squadron, taking part in "dogfights" with German planes when Battle of Britain began. He was later awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
    Mr Wellum, now 90, said it was "probably the greatest air battle of all time".
    'Ultimate sacrifice' The Battle of Britain began on 10 July 1940 and ended on 31 October when the German Luftwaffe was pushed back, preventing an invasion of Britain.
    Mr Wellum, who was born in Walthamstow but now lives in Mullion in Cornwall, said of the award: "I accept it most humbly, not only for myself, but also to represent all those who flew and fought in what was probably the greatest air battle of all time, the Battle of Britain.
    "Many paid the ultimate sacrifice, so that we could be here today to remember all those currently serving in our armed forces in the cause of freedom."
    The veteran, who was promoted to Flight Commander, left the RAF in 1961 and worked in a firm of commodity brokers in the City.
    His memoirs, First Light, were recently adapted for a one-off drama for BBC television.
    The Freedom of the City is offered by the City of London Corporation to celebrate a significant achievement or to pay tribute to an outstanding contribution to London life.
    Mr Wellum was given the award in the Guildhall.
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    Well done, Geoffrey!

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    Just read his book. Brave guy, so young.
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    Well done!

    Quite easy to forget just how young many of these lads were.
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    This heatwave is really taking its toll. Very sad news, Geoff Wellum was a wonderful man and his book is an absolute classic.
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    'First Light' is an exceptional book

    :poppy: RIP Geoffrey Wellum :poppy:

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    Very sad indeed. "First Light" is the best book I've read by a Battle of Britain pilot.
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    I had the pleasure and honour of meeting Geoffrey Wellum at a Duxford airshow a number of years ago. He was there with three other RAF veterans signing books, and although he didn't have a book to sign, my then young son managed to get all their signatures on a scrap of paper.

    Mr Wellum was a true gentleman and my son came away from the moment with a smile from ear to ear!

    RIP Mr Wellum :poppy:
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    Just read the news whilst away on holiday.
    :poppy: RIP Geoffrey Wellum.:poppy:
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    :poppy:Geoffrey Wellum RIP :poppy:

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    I'm sure that this is not new to some, but just in case:


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