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    Sorry if this has been posted already but I did search.I noticed something on the Veterans Website today in relation to the records of members of the Homegaurd still £30 admin fee but less chance of a sucessful search.Then I went to the National Archives site to discover they are starting to release The Durham HG records at a minimal cost.Not all are open only those whose members would be 100 yrs old or over are available but for anyone searching for a particular relative in that catagory its quite a saving.The search facility is quite cool too it gives the soldiers date of birth which is great if you have a common surname.Anyway a link is at
    Durham Home Guard records 1939-1945 | The National Archives

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    I was interested to read about this development,as I recently learnt about my great granddad who was born in 1902 and was supposedly in a railway company Home Guard unit at some point in the war.Lets hope men of these units get released too
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    Thanks for the info. Will keep checking and hopefully the Derbyshire Home Guard records will become available too.
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    My father , Maurice Muir, was with the Letchworth Homeguard in 1940 (have a photo in uniform), prior to enlisting with 2NZEF in London. On his attestation sheet there is no reference to his HG service. Any suggestion where to look for his UK records? Thanks Geoff
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    Hi and thanks to you all,
    I have finally received a reply from Historical Disclosures.

    My father enrolled and was accepted on 16th Nov 1941 by “G Gavin Jones?”, Company Commander, and resigned and was discharged on 19th Feb 1942 to join the 2NZEF by a Lieut Colonel “E. C??????”, Secretary of the Herts T.A. Association.
    There is no service number that I can see. There is “233” then “No5” written on the top of the first page.
    Would he have had a service number or not? (other posts on WW2Talk suggest he may not have had a Service Number?)
    Could the “233” & “No5” indicate his unit/platoon etc??

    Great to have confirmation of his HG Service!
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