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    My father was aged 15, when he finally got the uniform to replace the armband. After his own training on Lewis gun, he was made a sergeant and instructed others.

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    What Medal Ribbons would a 15 year old Home Guard Sergeant be wearing?
    Or is he wearing his Dad's jacket & they're WW1 medal ribbons?
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    Hi Owen,
    Ref the medals originally thought no, not granddad's, since by then my Dad had his own medals - Bronze Royal Humane Society and Scout Gilt Cross, but looking again, they could be his Dad's for show.

    Interesting observation thanks and I will ask him about it when I can. His father was never in the Home Guard, but I will check about the medals.

    I will check for other pics. I do know that the uniforms were hard to come by.

    Edit he wore his father's uniform for the photo. His father was in RA during WW2.
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    Just finished watching all nine seasons of Dad's Army. The cast breaks character at the end and pays tribute to the Home Guard. Very nice.

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    The Home Guard is the product of two forces. One of them is the force of events, and the other, which usually rises superior to the force of events, is the force of British character and tradition.

    I have seen it suggested that the Regular Army leaders adopted a step-motherly attitude to the Home Guard. Really, nothing is further from the fact. The Regular Army leaders appreciated the military value of this Force from the very start and, despite the heavy administrative burden which the Commands are carrying, they did everything to promote its efficiency and prosper its growth. Co-operation between the Regular Army and the Home Guard practically everywhere has been excellent; indeed, the organisation and training of the Home Guard are least advanced where it has had least opportunity of contact with Regular troops.

    HOME GUARD. (Hansard, 19 November 1940)

    History of the Home GuardHome guard defended buildings
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    Home Guard 3" Smith Gun 1942-1944
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    The concept of the Home Guard despite the comedy aspect introduced by press and TV programs was not discarded by MOD.
    The idea was reintroduced in the 80's toward the end of the cold war.
    Main difference being these units were all ex military

    5 (HSF) Company 10 Para.

    At the height of the tensions toward the end of the Cold War there were worries that Russian Spetnatz troops (Russian SAS equivalent) might infiltrate the UK and take over Key Points.

    To counteract this MOD formed Home Service Force Company’s (HSF) all over the country.

    They were recruited from ex-servicemen; The Companies were supposed to enlist any ex service man but 5 Company would only (unofficially) accept ex Para’s

    They were a terrific group of men aged between 30 and 50 who had served in all ranks right through the range, from Private to Lt Colonel.

    Bringing a wealth of experience from all branches of Airborne Forces.

    This gave a bit of a shock to the other 10 Para Companies .5 Coy might not match them for fitness but they could certainly outshoot them, which they did at several rifle meetings


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