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    I am researching the Home Guard service of my grandfather James Cyril Bradley. I believe that he was in the Home Guard from its creation, or shortly afterwards, until close to the end of the war, reaching the rank of Lieutenant. He worked at Raleigh Bicycles.

    I know that's not much! - but any ideas where I go from here?


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    With over 3 or more years of service in the Home Guard he would have been entitled to the Defence Medal, which you can claim if he did not claim it as many Home Guard did not, including my grandfather. The process is made easier if you have the A4 size Certificate of Thanks from the King that was issued at the time to HG's.

    Defence Medal (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia
    Home Guard service questionnaire

    You can apply for his Home Guard record from the MoD, but they warn that even if located it may contain no more than his personal details at enlistment. Cost is a non-refundable £ 30.00.

    Request Home Guard service records

    Raleigh Bicycles seem to have had a HG unit based at the factory, as did Boots at Beeston & Ransome & Maries at Newark.
    This from the British Newspaper Archive index:
    .. RALEIGH HOME GUARD SOCIAL Vouchers to every Individual member of the unit presented by the directors in appreciation of their services during the past year were presented Saturday night's smoking concert of the Raleigh Cycle Co. Rome Guard, ...
    Published: Monday 21 December 1942
    Nottingham Journal
    https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/search/results/1900-01-01/1949-12-31?basicsearch=raleigh bicycles home guard&exactsearch=false&retrievecountrycounts=false&page=0

    There would I think be more including photos in other local papers that are not on the BNA, but may be at Nottingham Archives.

    The Raleigh Companies archives are now at Nottinghamshire Archives.
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    Thank you very much, travers1940. I will follow up these lines of enquiry.
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    If you complete the Home Guard Registration form, there is a space on it for his National Registration number (if known). I assume they had to give this in on their Home Guard application.

    From a persons entry on the 1939 Register I could easily work out this number for you, so send me a PM, or message on this forum if you need it.

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