Home guard in Rotherham south yorkshire.

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    Great forum you have here.
    Just started a little project here in Rotherham.One of our local pubs the Stag inn
    has a fairly large building at the back of it with BOROUGH HOME GUARD written in white on its side.
    The new landlord whom I have been talking to about it, is as interested in it as I am,and hes looking to to make into a museum of the home guard, or a snooker hall with an home guard theme.
    I havent yet been to my local library to do any research but digging on the internet as unearthed that it was B company 58th west riding of the borough home guard who were stationed there.
    Chris the landlord is looking for pictures of it in use,and any pieces of information,training manuals etc etc
    Is their any record offices that I might try in my area,that were responsible for running the home guard?
    Currently the buildings main door is nailed shut with plywood,probably for 20 years plus,there are gaps, in this through which I can see it to be pretty much intact from the 40s,with green and blue panelling lining the inside.


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  2. von Poop

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    Welcome WT, sounds interesting.
    Do you have any pictures of it as it looks now?

    I assume you've already been here for the basic info? :
    The Second World War
    According to Ernest Hollingworth
    B Company operated out of Parkin's House at the end of Worry Goose Lane from formation to Sept 1940 when it moved to the Stag (what a wise move!).
    These memories thanks to Eric Beckett
    The Stag public house was the base of B Company of the 58th West Riding (Rotherham) of the Borough Home Guard. The A Company operated from the Hind, and C Company from the Foljambe Arms. The D Company operated from the Temperance Hall on Wellgate (poor things), whilst E Company operated out of the Pavilion on Herringthorpe Playing Fields (also dry).

    Seems like a pretty sensible bunch to me, I wonder if they put the youngest in D & E companies...

    Good Luck,
  3. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Hi Ian and welcome to the forum from an adopted Yorkie ;)

    You may want to contact these chaps:
    York and Lancaster Regimental Museum

    As you can see thye are in the Rotherham Arts Centre, Walker Place.

  4. Peter Clare

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    Hi Ian

    Welcome to the forum.

  5. wingturner

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    thanks for the welcome,and help
    Ill be taking a trip down to the local library when work allows,thanks andy for pointing me towards the york and lancs,
    Thats a great bit of info adam.I dropped into the hind pub for a look see, there are two fairly large buildings at the back that must be the ones used by the home guard,that are now being used as garages,the landlord was quite taken aback by the home guard connection and is keen to know more,so I have now got two projects on the go.
    Im in the process of getting a lockable door on the stag inn building,rather than whats there now,so I can have a good look round inside and take pictures, that I will post on here and keep the local vandals out.
    cheers all

  6. peterhastie

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    Hello Ian

    58th Battalion West Ridng (Rotherham) Commanded by Lieut Colonel W G Denham D.C.M.
    I have a list of another 51 Officers in the Battalion if its any help, or alternatively you could ask at the nearest main library if they have a copy of

    Home Guard List 1941 Northern Command.

  7. peterhastie

    peterhastie Senior Member

  8. wingturner

    wingturner Junior Member

    I think Ive got the local press onboard,which should bring a lot of things to light,coupled with it being the 65th anniversay of d day.
  9. wingturner

    wingturner Junior Member

    Took a couple of shots earlier today of the home guard building hopefully this weekend I should be getting inside the upper level,that is currently boarded up the entrance is on the other side of the building (right hand side)
    I wonder if the building was put up soley for the home guard,built to a standard design?


  10. peterhastie

    peterhastie Senior Member

    Seems like a bit of a giveaway to any spies or invading troops. Not that the exact location of one company headquarters would cause the collapse of the defence network, Unless there's evidence of any more advertising like this.
  11. wingturner

    wingturner Junior Member

    I had a quick tour aroung the other home guard sites,the hind pub,and the foljambe arms
    that are quite close to me.The buildings are just plain and unmarked,does seem a bit daft labelling such a building.
  12. ChrisM

    ChrisM Member

    I wonder if the building was put up soley for the home guard,built to a standard design?

    I think the likelihood of that is zero, Ian.

    Perhaps the sign was painted towards the end of the HG's life in a surfeit of spare time and confidence. I suppose it couldn't be evidence of the Home Guard's 1950s resurrection, could it?

  13. wingturner

    wingturner Junior Member

    Bit of an update.
    The advert as appeared in the local press bringing to light two surviving home guard members here in rotherham.
    The first george hargreaves, second eric beckett.
    I wil be going to talk to eric fairly soon, having talked to him briefly on the phone, and he as quite an extensive knowledge of what took place and where.
    Unearthed locally are several stripped down .303 rifles that were used for drilling,only the wooden core remains,any body know why?these were found by georges son john in a garage

    george hargreaves posing with one of the rifles


    george aged 20 in uniform LDV arm band


    boarded up entrance to the home guard building,can't get in at the moment due to it having asbestos inside


    photos of george hargreaves courtesy of his son john
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  14. Drew5233

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    Well done that man :)
  15. Cartivel

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    Hi There
    I've just found this forum and read this thread. I live in Sheffield and am interested in the local Home Guard units, as I am a reenactor and am looking to portray a member of the Home Guard from the area.
    This thread caught my eye - has there been any more information regarding the Stag? How are things progressing?
  16. sw92

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    Hello all,

    I know it’s a long shot with the age of these posts, but was looking for information on any surviving members of the home guards. My grandfather, now age 93, often talks of his time in the home guards at Herringthorpe playing fields.

    He would love a walk down memory lane if you had any pictures or information to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks,
  17. Nickyd

    Nickyd New Member

    Is there much information on the Maltby rotherham home guard
    Trying to research a member J Bolam
  18. C Shaw

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