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    Hello all you wonderfully knowledgeable people!

    In one of the Bn Orders for my research, just before they sail off to France to be a part of the BEF in October 1939.
    It mentions a list of soldiers who are selected for "Home Detail"
    would i be right in thinking that these people would not have deployed to France?

    thanks and best regards

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    I have the same query. Any answers out there?
  3. Tricky Dicky

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    My inexpert answer would be yes - guessing that often the TA regts or possibly bns stayed at home as there was a need

  4. Tullybrone

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    IMHO They were likely deemed unsuitable for deployment overseas or of better use on home service for a variety of reasons - under 19 years of age, deemed unfit for active service, retained at Home in a Training role to assist in the rapid expansion of the wartime Army etc.

    They could be posted to the Regimental Depot for posting to another home based Battalion or remain on the Depot staff as the Army expanded.

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    Thank TD and Steve very helpful

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