Holocaust Deniers - Understanding WHY.

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by Emmanuel Goldstein, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. First of all, to understand Holocaust deniers, you have to understand that many of them aren't motivated by hatred of Jewish people, but by the many facts, pieces of evidence and discrepancies which lead to people questioning whether or not the Holocaust truly happened. Rather than list what these facts are, and end up starting a big debate, please consider the following three videos, which should allow you to understand the mindset of those who deny the Holocaust. You will find very valuable and useful information in these three videos, which should at least give people some insight as to why there are people out there who question the Holocaust:



    And here's one dealing with the Nuremberg Trials, which many consider to be a kangaroo court and a farce. For example, it's well-known that many Nazis were coerced through blackmail and torture into giving confessions, and confessions obtained through coercion are inadmissible in modern courts.


    Now please note, I'm not posting these videos to promote Holocaust denialism, I'm simply giving the people on this forum an insight into the mindset of people who question the Holocaust and some of their reasons why. There's a whole mountain of reasons, but to get into them would take far too long, so I think these videos should suffice. A lot of people have questions about this, and I think looking at these videos will answer some of those questions.

    All videos are taken from the documentary The Greatest Story Never Told
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    Yeah, we all got off the banana boat yesterday.

    You can polish a turd all you want to. It is still just a turd.
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  3. And you can twist this however you like, but ultimately, whether you like it or not, this thread will offer a valuable insight into the mindset of people who deny or question the Holocaust. And I know there's a lot of people on this forum who want to understand why Holocaust denial even exists. But I'm not interested in what you think my motivations are.

    If you have anything of substance to add, other than childish, inane and derisive comments because of your inability to look at things objectively, then please feel free. But I'm not going to hold my breath. You can try and derail the thread all you want, but I'm only going to ignore you. Trolls don't interest me. However, if you're not interested in this particular discussion, there are plenty of other threads I'm sure you could contribute to. Thanks for your input and take care.
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    How do you "know there's a lot of people on this forum who want to understand why Holocaust denial even exists"?
  5. Well, there was a thread asking about and it seemed to garner a lot of replies. But it's not really that - generally speaking, when the subject of the Holocaust is mentioned, Holocaust denial is also inevitably mentioned, and people want to know why there are people out there who would deny what's basically considered an historical fact. I feel that those videos I posted offer a good insight into the mindset of such people. I don't believe this is a black-and-white issue, I think there's a lot of grey areas. What I mean is, it's not as simple as "people deny the Holocaust because of anti-Semitism", especially considering that one of the most well-known Holocaust deniers/revisionists is a Jew (he appears in those videos I posted). Many people have been put in jail simply for questioning the Holocaust, and if they were only motivated by ignorance and racism, I don't think they'd be willing to do time for their beliefs.

    On that subject however: the truth fears no investigation and should, by all accounts, be able to stand up to scrutiny. Therefore I feel it's entirely unnecessary to put people in jail simply for questioning the Holocaust (which is a crime in many European countries), and doing so only gives more credit to the denialist/revisionist position. The Holocaust is the only event in human history to be enforced by law, and I disagree with this because it simply shouldn't be necessary. You can deny or question any other genocide in the world and you'll never get put in jail for it. If someone were to say the Native American genocide didn't happen, they certainly wouldn't be punished for it, although it would be extremely distasteful.
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    Yeah, we all got off the banana boat yesterday.
    Hoss, I ain't the one doing the twisting, but good try nonetheless
    I'm sure it will.
    And I'm am certain they will be flooding this informative thread with comments and further insight.
    Could you try? Several minutes ought to be enough.
    The comedy is getting good in here. Regardless, you won't have to worry about me derailing the thread. There will be plenty more kicking this turd of thread around.
    As fate would have it, I'm heading to bed. But the Aussies ought be dropping in soon. I suspect several of them will catch my slack.
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    Fuck off, 'Emmanuel'.
    That childish enough?

    Enjoy telling your next BNP meeting how unreasonable we are, or have even they kicked you out?
    I'd have thought a proud nationalist like yourself would have used his real name rather than the Orwell reference.

    Big Brother.

    (Will strip threads in 24 hrs or so, chaps - not hosting propaganda for dimwits - but will leave temporarily as a reminder that they're still out there.)
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    Thanks for keeping the thread up for all to see. And thank you for banning me and proving my point. All you've done is inadvertently expose yourself as an opponent of freedom of expression. People have a right to see WW2 from a different historical perspective, and people, in general, have a right to freedom of discussion. But I realise that an obtuse, ignorant, fascist like yourself wouldn't understand that, as is now plain for everyone to see.

    I have no intention of continuing to come to this forum, because with an idiot like you for an admin, there's no chance of a reasonable or legitimate discussion, and things are always going to be painted in a simplified, child-like, black-and-white manner. Frankly, you're a disgrace to the forum you represent.

    I can simply change my IP and keep coming back here, and keep changing email addresses too, but like I said - I've no intention of coming back here.

    I just felt the situation warranted me getting the last word, and whilst the vast majority of people won't question your decision to ban me, many of them will see the ban for what it truly represents: the deliberate stifling of freedom of expression.

    You'd fit in more with the BNP than I would, ironically.

    Take care.

    - Emmanuel.
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    Thanks, and I do like your turn of phrase !

    From someone who doesn't need reminding that they are still out there

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    I read it and watched the video will not change my opinions
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    I'm glad I had the chance to read the opinions, edited or not, stated here. Very interesting to read other points of view. I gave the videos of the people talking about movies, pianos etc short shrift ... the accounts of such things from other survivors hold more truth - put it into perspective for me.
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    A valuable insght?

    Quite clearly your first user name incites disrepect.

    We on the forum know about the deniers so dont need reminding of their warped views.
    If you had taken time to review the many threads on the forum you would have realised that.

    Also many forum members families were involved in WW2 either on the home fronts or with the military so again we are pretty switched on.

    You felt you had to get the last word.
    Well look at your statement.

    Arent the deniers lucky to be able to have the freedom to spout their thoughts?

    Enough said
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    He's behind you!

    Lets play whack-a-mole if needs be. Done it before, will doubtless do it again. ;)

    Dearest repressed freedom fighter,
    There's a real Mr Goldstein here.
    He did more to protect my freedom of expression than you, the rest on that BNP membership list, and every other reedy-voiced, dead-eyed, repetitive loony waving barely-baked counter-historical theories in an attempt to bend facts to their disproven and disreputable narrative will ever achieve in decades of pseudo-intellectual arse-gravy.
    Personally, on your comparative score sheets re. this subject, I'll take Ron's approval as twelve million times more valid than the opposing drivel.

    This place will continue to stand for historical fact as far as we can ascertain it, and in your area of interest the 'facts' you bring to the table have been so easily demolished, so many times, that it's reached a point where you and yours have completely destroyed your own 'arguments', of your own half-witted weakly-researched volition.
    So many here have spent so long engaging with conspiracies and nonsense over the years that it's become tiresome, no matter how hard you try to present the current denialist style of calm 'mum! they're all picking on me!'.

    Yours, Everybody-with-a-brain-is-laughing-and-pointing-at-you-ly,
    The Idiot.

    The proper bit:

    I think I'll leave the thread up a bit longer. Not had this stuff for a while. Here's Nizkor (again), a fine project that worked to answer "Given the evidence ... why do people deny the Holocaust?" in as objective a manner as possible. Essential reading for anyone in the mood for countering the loonies. (I warn anyone in that mood though; from long personal experience it's largely pointless. As with all conspiracists, said loonies don't deal in facts, so they can just keep making stuff up ad nauseum. Pointing & laughing is now an effective & legitimate response. ) :

    Nizkor - Holocaust Educational Resource

    And since they've done the groundwork already, I'd heartily recommend their handy ready-reckoner on most all techniques and theories behind this nonsense:
    The IHR's Questions & Answers, and Nizkor's Responses
    Written by people who can spot deliberate fallacies, and heap the dreaded logic upon them.
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    Please note no Moles were hurt within the postings of this thread.

    Ding ding round 2
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    Bravo Von Poop!
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    What an idiot!
    Good idea to leave the thread on - hopefully an example to the others.
    Thanks von Poop.
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    I have watched all three recordings and considered them to be a load of tripe !! Why on earth would the Germans want to go to all that trouble and expense during a war to build these holiday camps for their arch enemy ? Swimming pools, theatre, canteen Grand pianos etc, rather extravagant isn't it seeing that their soldiers were freezing to death on the Russian front.
    During the late 80s I recorded from the television a documentary about WW2 that covered the liberation (Or just after) of one or two of these concentration camps. This was a colour film done by an American solider, Holly ------ ? I'm sure was his first name. But he also took some colour footage with his own camera, and I think it was this that was shown. And there for all to see were piles of dead bodies in and around these (Holiday) camps, emaciated walking dead, a totally unbelievable and sickening sight. I remember the narrator saying something like; '' How can one human being do this to another ''
    Next I suppose there will be denial that WW2 ever happened !!
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    Good riddance to bad rubbish

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