Holding battalions and ITCS

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    Is there available anywhere a complete listing of WW2 Holding battalions including the locations and Units. I have a soldier WHO WAS TRANSFERRED into the 18th Holding Battalion and 18th itc Also on the service record is the abbreviation RXOHH any idea what this means. thanks
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    RXOHH is a draft code.
    Do a forum search for "draft code" to see other threads where it is explained.

    Mod edit: Draft recognition codes.
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    Attached is a list I created a number of years back.

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    Many thanks for the information, i knew someone would know. Can i ask about Primary Training Wing NO 68 Where was this located and again is there a listing of these PTC.
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    Many Many Thanks wonderful stuff.
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    Many Many Thanks A great resource
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    I found this reference on the forum:
    14419325 Leslie J HANCOCK, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
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    Thank you dbf much appreciated.

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