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    Can anyone on the forum help with details of HMT Royal George that was sunk during the War. I am led to believe that it was torpedoed by a U-Boat? It may have had a Maritime Artillery serviceman onboard that I am interested in find out more details about - where would I find details of the crew list at the time it was sunk?
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    How sure are you of this name? There were a few ships named "ROYAL" sunk but I cannot find reference to the name of "ROYAL GEORGE" sunk WWII.

    HMT ROYAL GEORGE served during WWI and was broken up in 1922. To advise further on your MRA gunner we need to pin down the right ship. Do you have this gunners name and was he lost in the attack?

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    Hmmmm. I am researching a Bill Parrott who died , as it happens, of TB which is believed to be as a direct result of having been sunk three times. The first time he turned up in Brazil and made his way back to the U.K. He was picked up on another occasion (not sure whether this was the first, second or third time) by a German U-Boat, fed, clothed and put in a lifeboat or similar along with some others, who (thre U-Boat) then notified the Allies of the boat's position. The last time he was sunk he spent a long time in the ocean apparently, which has a direct link to his TB. He ended up at Weston Super Mare Kewstoke hospital where he died on VE Day!

    His son tells me that he served on HMT Royal George - hence the enquiry .... I'll try and check with his son again, but I'm not sure that I hold out much hope for any further details as his father died when he was only 5 years old!
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    Try this link
    HMT Royal George - Our Contribution
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    Might be worth a 'Conversation' message to dntetlow as he/she has not visited the Forum since 2010.
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    He might be elusive - the only William Parrott who is registered died in Weston super mare in 1945 was 4 years old - I have assumed his first name as William [officially]from the shortened name Bill

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: William J Parrott
    Death Age: 4
    Birth Date: abt 1941
    Registration Date: Jun 1945
    Registration district: Weston-super-Mare
    Inferred County: Somerset
    Volume: 5c
    Page: 452

    Theres an Arthur William died 1971 and an Alfred W died 1963

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    I am conscious that this thread is probably not being monitored by the original poster. However, I suspect this is your man and I add this for your information.

    First name(s) WILLIAM J
    Last name PARROTT
    Gender Male
    Birth day -
    Birth month -
    Birth year 1911
    Age 34
    Death quarter 2
    Death year 1945
    District Weston-Super-Mare
    County Somerset

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    I have a William Parrott signing on as (deck hand) on 3/3/1944 in Glasgow aboard DUCHESS OF BEDFORD. DEMS gunners, both RN and Maritime Regt R.A. were signed on as deck hands. This is only advice as I cannot confirm it is the same man but if I was researching him I would want to check the Crew Agreement for 1944. Further information - no problem just ask.

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