HMS Pourquoi Pas ?

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    I’ve just got my grandfathers navy record back. It notes “HMS Europa” and “HMS Pourquai Pas”. Can anyone tell me more about HMS Pourquai Pas. Seems like a foriegn name.

    Apologies if I’m being stupid , I’ve just started to research Navy related topics.

    Thank you
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    I think it might be best for other members if you posted a copy of the queried document.

    You may be reading the entry incorrectly - believe it or not it happens quite frequently:)

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    "Pourquoi pas" is French for "Why not?"
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    I heard a rumour he was on a minesweeper ship which blew up (he’s brother was on another ship in the fleet and witnessed it). He survived and was found at sea. I’m trying to confirm If there’s any truth in it. I find it unlikely.
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    John Frederick Barker LT/JX330887 1942-46
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    These photographs are all I have regarding his Navy Service. My mum lost contact with him when she was 9 and only new him as Jack Barker.
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    Pourquoi Pas was classed as a Motor Fishing Vessel (MFV).

    In May 1944 she was in Portsmouth Command.

    In Service 20/4/42

    Out of service 8/11/45

    Former name was “Andre”. A Belgian fishing boat.


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    Wow. How do you find this information so quickly?!
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    Well done TD
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    Had another look at docs I have and there were two vessels named “Pourquoi Pas” in service.

    French vessel requisitioned 23/10/40. Out of service 8/11/45

    Belgian vessel requisitioned 20/4/42. Out of service 10/9/46 - Ex “Andre”



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