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    HI all,

    I am currently researching my grandfather's naval history. I have a sparse amount of information to work with,and sadly my grandfather passed in 1989 so I cant ask him!
    I have a copy of his Navy certificate which is very basic- no service numbers or anything, just a ship list. I called TNT archives who gave me his service numbers and title- he was a Stoker then became Lead Engine Room Artificer 4th class.
    I then started to research each "ship" however they are mostly shore establishments i.e. Eaglet in Liverpool and Victory in Portsmouth. Three ships however have remained annoymous:

    HMS Lucifer (Fidelity)(1941)
    HMS Byrsa (42/43?)
    HMS Odyssey (1/10/43-30/06/44)- On board for D Day?

    I have read that the Byrsa was special ops but again can't clarify. We know that my grandfather was on a ship that was sunk but rescued- again no clarification. And my grandfather told my father that he was on the Fidelity which was later sunk, but again no crew lists. The Odyssey is what caught my eye, yet I cant find anything official. The Veterans Association confirmed that it is most likely the ship not a land base (and there is a list of people killed in action on HMS Odyssey but buried in France- the shore establishment is in Devon I may add), but the only information is from forums, who all go along the lines of combined ops/ secret service and a big involvement with D Day Normandy landings. My grandfather mentioned combined ops once to my father who was very young at the time, but he never really disclosed anything else.
    Other clues are: my grandfather was French but changed his name to an English name (Jean Charles Dutreuilh to Charles Winston) and a photo of him in a uniform that doesn't appear to be a navy uniform. We believe that it was taken in France. (This has since been confirmed as No1 Barrack Dress by an ex Gurka, and strictly Army issue.)

    Has anyone heard of anything similar or is my imagination going into overdrive??!! Any help would be wonderful!


    PS I have pulled his military records from MoD but have been warned that I may not find out anything new.

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