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    Hi Experts, I am really confused and need your help please. I am researching Harry WOOD, who died age 20 years "On War Service" in Tripoli on the 20th June 1942 on HMS "Nile," but I have found out that was a Shore base and I read that it was used for Special Ops. etc. However according to the info I have found, HMS "Nile" was from September 1942 and in Alexandria. So where was HMS "Nile" before that, or was Harry on another Shore Base or Ship.

    Service Number D/JX 159074
    Died 20/06/1942
    Aged 20
    H.M.S. Nile Royal Navy
    Son of Henry and Minnie Wood, of Shotton, Flintshire.

    Any help gratefully received, Kind regards, Mavis Williams
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    It's possible that this is the HMS Nile referred to, especially as Harry Wood was a Telegraphist. If he was flying with FAA he could have been shot down or involved in air accident (only guessing at the moment), which could account for him having no grave. HMS Nile 11, an RN Lodger Section at RAF Aboukir.
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    5 Gloucester Avenue , Hawarden R.D., Flintshire
    Henry Wood 27 Feb 1887 Electric Crane Driver In Sheet Mill Heavy Worker
    Minnie Wood 28 Mar 1889 House Duties Unpaid
    Ronald Wood 08 May 1869 Finishing Department Steel Rolling Mills Heavy Worker
    Dorothy Youd (Wood) 24 May 1921 Aircraft Assembler Works
    Norman Wood 12 Jun 1928 At School
    Sorry, this record is officially closed.
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    Doesn't help much but from Don Kindell's RN Casualties of WW2:
    WOOD, Harry, Telegraphist, D/JX 159074, Nile, 20 June 1942, killed.

    I've just checked CWGC site and two others of HMS Nile died the same day and both communicators.
    PO Telegraphist J W Lamport
    Telegraphist J Latham

    Edit again!
    I've now found two more casualties for HMS Nile on same day:
    Lt (S) B C Young RNVR
    Lt L P Douglas RCNVR
    Checking against Don Kindell's list. Whilst Wood and the others above are notated with 'killed', the entry for Lt Young says '(Nile from Tobruk, O/P), killed' where O/P means 'On Passage'. How significant this may be I don't yet know.
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  6. Tricky Dicky

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    UK, British Army and Navy Birth, Marriage and Death Records, 1730-1960
    Name: Harry Wood
    Event: Death
    Birth Date: 30 Aug 1922
    Birth Place: Hawarden, Flint.
    Death Date: 20 Jun 1942
    Death Age: 19

    This states he died at Torbruk, so wherever HMS Nile was it was only his accounting point. He/they could have been attached to anything, anywhere

    I note that he was killed on 20th June 1942 which is the day before the surrender of Allied forces there

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  7. Tricky Dicky

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    Royal Naval vessels lost on 20th June 1942 - Torbruk

    LCM, Landing Craft Mechanised (30-37 tons) – able to carry one 16t-40t tank or 60-100 troops
    No.110, 113, 145, 146, 148 (total 5), lost during fall of Tobruk, June 20, 1942

    Landing craft personnel (Large) LCP(L) (8-11 tons)
    No.64, lost during fall of Tobruk, June 20, 1942

    Landing craft support (Medium) (MkI) LCS(M) (9-11 tons) – LCA with 4in smoke mortar
    No.4, 6, 15, 18, 19, 22 (total 6), lost during fall of Tobruk, June 20, 1942

    LCA, Landing Craft Assault – able to carry 35 troops
    No.193, lost during fall of Tobruk, June 20, 1942

    Landing craft tank (MkII) LCT (450 tons) – able to carry 3-40t or 7-20t tanks
    No.119, 150 (total 2), lost at Tobruk, June 20, 1942

    I would guess he was killed whilst serving on one of the above

    Actually there were quite a number of vessels lost that day, too many to show here with clarity
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    Thanks so much Tim and TD, it seems there is more to the story if more people were killed. Much appreciated. Kind regards, Mavis
  9. timuk

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  10. Mavis Williams

    Mavis Williams Well-Known Member

    Thank you Tim. Regards, Mavis
  11. Stanley Wood

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    Hi Mavis

    I was googling stuff (as you do) and I came across this website and your post.

    I am curious as to why you are researching Harry Wood's War Records?

    I hope the following is of help:
    Harry Wood was my uncle. His 'baby brother' was my father, Brian Wood born in 1938.

    My late father once told me a story how when he was a little boy, he remebered a sailor in full navy uniform arriving at the family home in Shotton. (N. Wales). The man was there to inform Harry's parents that Harry had died in service.
    Apparantly the sailor in question was one of his shipmates, and the ship they were on, had been hit and was sinking rapidly. The crew abandoned ship and were swimming in the sea. Soon after, an Italian aircraft flew over and strafed the survivors in the water. Harry was one of the unfortunate ones who were killed but his mate survived and retold the events to Harry's parents.
    I believe Harry Wood also served on another warship (as a telegraphist) called the HMS Valiant. (which I believe was a Battle Cruiser). I have a picture somewhere of him.

    Hope that helps
    Kind regards
    Mr S Wood
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  12. Mavis Williams

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    Hello Stanley, Thanks so much for getting in touch, I am a researcher for and have researched the WW1 men on Deeside, so I am now researching WW2. I am trying to tell the story of each man, so they won't be forgotten. I cannot put WW2 men on the website, as it is being upgraded, I believe. I can send you the notes I have made for Harry, and 1 document - re his death. Can you contact me privately and I will give you my email address and then if you want I can send you my notes, but thanks you so much for this insight into the family and the day that Harry's family got the terrible news. Can I have your permission to add it to Harry's page when it is written and published on the web please. Kindest regards, Mavis
  13. Richelieu

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    HMS Valiant was actually a Queen Elizabeth class battleship Stanley, completed during WW1, and much modified subsequently. She was mined in Alexandria harbour, along with her eponymous sistership, by the famous Decima Flottiglia MAS on 19 December 1941. She survived the attack but was obliged to leave for South Africa for repairs, joining the Eastern Fleet in April 1942. Harry may have been put ashore following the mining, accounting for his transfer to HMS Nile’s establishment. His service record should clarify this.

    It is understandable that to anyone in the water that they could sincerely believe that they were the target of the strafing aircraft, but I suggest that it is more likely that it was attempting to finish-off the now evacuated vessel, which may in any case not have been apparent to the pilot, or to attack its companions, which is of course no consolation.
  14. Mavis Williams

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    Thank you so much Roberto for telling us about HMS Valiant and what happened and the probable scenario of how Harry came to be on HMS Nile, it helps clarify and hopefully help any descendants know more about Harry and what he and others on those ships endured. I am very grateful. Kindest regards, Mavis

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