HMS Kelly, Hebburn Cemetery

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  1. Ken Sutton

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    Very many thanks Martin for all your help and photos. I now have the full story of the Union Flag and photos. Regards Ken
  2. martinfbrown

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    No problem, glad that I could help.
  3. Hellynelly

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    I realise that it's been a while since anyone wrote on this message but my great uncle was J Johnson (Jack), who died in 1940 when the Kelly was torpedoed. I have been trying to find more information about Jack, as he was only 21 when he died. My great grandma went up to Hebburn to visit the grave, and I have his enlistment form and one photograph of him in his uniform. He is also listed on the cenotaph at our local church and me and my dad lay a wreath for him every Remembrance Sundy there.

    Does anyone know of any crew photographs taken before 1940? Most of the information from the Kelly is from its voyage ahead of the Battle of Crete. I've seen the photographs showing the damage to the hull.

    Any information would be really appreciated!


  4. Tricky Dicky

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    Hi Helen and welcome

    The best place to start would be with his official service records and the link to obtain those is - Request records of deceased service personnel

    I am not a naval person but we do have several who are, so I am sort of guessing here but once you have his records they may tell you all the ships/shore establishments he was at and when. From these you may be able to define/refine your searches for photographs/details etc or 'old/veteran' associations connected with those

    I stand to be corrected by our naval members
  5. K Lawson

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    Hi Ken I am distance relative of Freddie kingsley and would be really interested in any information you can share with me kind regards Kay lawson
  6. K Lawson

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    Hi I was wondering if you could explain what all the conversations about Frederick kingsley please he was my nan's cousin cheers kay
  7. Tricky Dicky

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    Just that he was one of the crew, he was picked at random by myself to research further to see what could be found publically on him to try and enlighten the whole of the thread

  8. Slinger Wood

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    Hello all,
    I was at a flea market today and found a large photo of the crew of HMS Kelly on the bridge and forecastle, it was said to have been taken in Malta just 2 days before she was sunk. The photo is 23" high and 19" wide, it is fair to say that almost all the individuals can be identified. Underneath was a picture of Kelly, measuring 16" wide and 6" high. They are both in a wooden frame measuring 32.5" high and 27.5" wide. It is all in very good condition. I bought it with the idea of giving it to the Kelly Association but note that it was disbanded in about 2002. Is anyone interested? Cover my costs of £15 and postage or collect from near Cheltenham.

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