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    Odd I was looking at some F Section P/Fs at TNA Kew today and several agents whose files I looked at were landed in France from Fidelity
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    Pictures of Fidelity are very hard to come across but just to give an idea this is the best I have got!

    [apologies for the quality!].

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    My page on Fidelity is in my WW2 site listed in sig
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    There is an interesting account of HMS Fidelity

    HMS Fidelity
    Marcel Jullian
    Souvenir Press

    Here are some images of the Captain, his moll, and the ship (SS Rhone) before and after conversion to HMS Fidelity.

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    Just to avoid confusion - and there seems to be a bit - the book by Marcel Jullian, is a "fictional" account of the story of fidelity. The ship in the book was called the Rhone while in reality the the ship was truly called the Rhin (never the Rhone). He likewise changed the names of the characters to fictional names. Much of the story reported is true, but it seems, Jullian (a screenplay writer, well known for the de Funes movie "La Grande Vadrouille), for reasons having to do with avoiding a possible lawsuit for defamation and the likes, decided to change the names and reported it as fictional with the typical disclaimer. A better account of the story is to be found in the book "Claude and Madeleine by Edward Marriott - yet it too seems a bit romanticized. By the way, Marcel Jullian did apparently consult O'Leary (of the famous O'Leary escape line - the Belgian army doctor he calls euphemistically "Guerisse" [Heal/Healing in French]) for the book. Keep in mind, that O'Leary was dropped off and accidently stayed in France fairly early in Fidelity's career. Much of what happened after has to be pieced together from various accounts. My uncle, like so many who had served on board, had had enough of it and took the first opportunity to change service. This happened with many who dealt with Costa/Langlais and the undisciplined/uncontrolled atmosphere on board where the captain ruled by his fists.

    I invite anyone who has personal knowledge of this story to come foward and contact me. In particular anyone who might know the civilians from Barry, Wales who delt with the officers and crew of Fidelity.
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    O'Leary was a name used in WWII by Guerisse a belgian Doctor in reality
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    I am a relative of Able Seaman Thomas Moreland, my father being his only brother. Very little is spoken about as he was only 12 when the ship was lost as the experience is still raw to this day. Any additional information would be extremely welcome. Thank you. Jonathan
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    Everything I have is online already, for now.
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    One of the crew lost when HMS Fidelity was sunk was Stoker William James Carruthers whose home was at Cleator, Cumberland. This is his CWGC citation:

    Stoker William James Carruthers
    (CWGC citation)

    Casualty Details
    Initials: W J
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Rank: Stoker 2nd Class
    Regiment/Service: Royal Navy
    Unit Text: H.M.S. Fidelity.
    Age: 21
    Date of Death: 01/01/1943
    Service No: P/KX. 151500
    Additional information: Son of George and Margaret A. Carruthers, of Cleator, Cumberland.
    Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 78, Column 2.
    Memorial: PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, Hampshire, U.K.

    In addition to the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Stoker William J. Carruthers is also commemorated on his local village war memorial (Cleator / Trumpet Terrace).
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    Does anyone know if the 'In Memoriam' for those lost when HMS Fidelity was sunk still appears in the 'Daily Telegraph' at the end of December each year by any chance?
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    Yes the memoriam continues on the anniversary of the loss of all memoriam tend to last until the individual or organisation dies or disbands as appropriate.

    I would add that it's likely that the present No 40 Commando RM inserted the memoriam and will continue to do so to maintain remembrance of the tragic loss of Fidelity.

    Other individual memories

    BBC - WW2 People's War - A Marine on HMS Fidelity

    Photos: Fidelity

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    I was thinking about this today, the anniversary of the loss of Fidelity.

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    My uncle, Walter Ellingworth, died on board Fidelity just before I was born. I had no idea about the fascinating history of the ship and its crew. Unfortunately his sister, my mother died a few years ago without knowledge of his situation. I was reading a book about Q ships and it struck a chord about the little I knew about my uncles ship.
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    :poppy: Walter Ellingworth, R.I.P. :poppy:
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    My mother just stumbled across this forum (Oct 2019). She has had a lifelong interest about the fate of her uncle Roy Horsfield from Horncastle, Lincolnshire who was on HMS Fidelity. She remembers being told how he jumped ship and returned to his mothers house before it sailed, only for his mother to convince him to return. His mother caught up with home when he was returning, to find him in tears, and he hold her that he wouldn’t survive. He did return to the ship, but no one knew what happened until they received a letter saying he was missing, and later that he was presumed dead. My mum has been searching for the truth about it since she was told.
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