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    Hello all
    I wonder if anyone could shed any light on the bombing or cross channel shelling of the minesweeper trawler HMS Adam in Dover Harbour on 22nd June 1943, whilst moored at Prince of Wales Pier. I believe she may have sank at her moorings and six crew were wounded, but thankfully no fatalities. She did return to minesweeping duties and ultimately survived the war.
    Any further information or details about what happened when she was damaged would be really helpful.
    Thank you
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    Perhaps - Allied Warships of WWII - MS Trawler HMS Adam - (HMS Adam)

    But then there is HMT Adam WW II Awards for RN Minesweeping
    ABBOTT Charles Delphin Lt RNR HMT Adam (M/S) 14 Sep 1943 DSC
    If its this one then being 'sunk' June 1943, then earning a DSC for her Capt in Sept 1943 takes some doing

    List of requisitioned trawlers of the Royal Navy (WWII) - Wikipedia
    HMT Adam February 1940 Minesweeper, sold 1944

    Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) officers 1939-1945  --  A
    Charles Delphin C.D. Abbott ?
    HMS Adam (minesweeping trawler) *

    So all in all I am confused between HMS & HMT Adam and are they the same ship??

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    The relevant War Cabinet’s Weekly Resume (No.199), CAB 66/38/20, states:

    22nd. - H.M.S. Adam (M/S trawler) damaged by air attack in Dover Harbour.​

    The Resume for the following week, CAB 66/38/37, states however:

    Enemy coastal batteries at Cape Gris Nez opened fire on the 27th and there were some naval casualties at Dover.​

    Perhaps this is where the uncertainty over the mode of the attack arises.
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    Thank you for your kind replies so far, very informative and interesting.
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    If it was indeed an air attack, I wonder if it was a “tip and run” raid on the harbour?
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    I saw & read that mention in the Memroial Project but it seems as though they are talking about a local fishing boat rather that a Naval minesweeper type ship.
    Still seems to be some confusion on the whole subject

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    HMS Adam was a minesweeping trawler pennant FY1618 taken over by the Admiralty in 1940 and returned to its owner in 1945. So it seems to me there is no confusion - it is almost certainly the same ship.
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    51A5B4F2-3B2B-4AF5-AAF1-448EAC5F8102.jpeg 6116CECD-F14D-4FC0-97DF-AE355E32418F.jpeg F3917F06-0963-48E4-BE23-EBD3B19C7EAB.jpeg Thank you for all your replies.
    I’m lucky enough to own the bell from HMS Adam. It was taken from the damaged ship at the time, by a member of the crew.
    As you can see, it is holed and badly distorted by shrapnel blast.

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