Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit: Secret History

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    Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit: Secret History

    Produced by Waddell Media for Channel 4, I thought this was a very good documentary but was missing further detail, as with many documentaries today detail is lacking. We do not know what immediately happened to Theodor Morell, Hitler's Doctor, after he left Berlin in the last flight leaving the capital. I would have liked to know who else was in the aircraft.

    There was no mention of his capture, interrrogation and the production company missed a great oppotunity to give further insight into Morrel's position as Hitler's doctor.

    This is still a very good documentary and is worth watching, you can watch it on 4od the link is below




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    The story of Morell's hold on Hitler has been well known for some time.He made a good living being a hanger on to the Hitler circle.However Hitler had a multitude of doctors,the principals from the SS stable who in the last year of Hitler's life quarrelled with other appointees on the best treatment for Hitler with Morell at the centre of the arguments,

    Hitler would hear no crticism of Morell and the more Hitler persisted with Morell as his personal physician,the more Hitler depended on Morell to get through his day with the use of his special injections of intestinal bacteria "from the best stock owned by a Bugarian peasant".This conconction also appeared as Multiflor capsules.From his early treatment by Morell,Hitler claimed "What luck I had to meet Morell,he has saved my life,it is wonderful,the way he has helped me"

    It all started when Hoffman,the photographer hanger on who was crtically ill in 1935,Morell successfully treated him with sulfanilamides, obtained from Hungary.Hoffman claimed that Morell had saved his life and recommended him to Hitler.Morell had claimed that he had studied with the Nobel Prize Winner,the Russian biologist,Ilya Mechnikov and had learned from him the expertise of treating bacterial infection.

    After the attempt on Hitler's life in July 1944,there was open disharmaony among Hitler's doctors. SS doctor and ultimate convicted war criminal,Karl Brandt claimed that Morell.was slowly poisonng Hitler by the injection of dangerous drugs....claimed that Hitler had a high level of strychnine.At the time Hitler was seen as suffering from the effects of Parkinson's disease which later,Morell diagnosed in early 1945.The high level of strychnine was found to be the result of the wrong interpretation of the ingredients by the ENT specialist,Doctor Giesing of Doctor Koster's anti gas pills.

    Giesing was thrown out.Brandt and Hasselbach,another one of Hitler's doctors were dismissed and replaced by the 30 year old,SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Ludwig Stumptfegger,Himmlers personal physician. Morell won the day as so to speak as Hitler could not exist without Morell's crank treatment and above all, it appeared foolish to criticise Morell within earshot of Hitler.So Hitler's four a day injections of Vitamultin (Pertivin and caffeine) continued to the end with Stumptfegger taking the responsibility for injections when Morell left the bunker on 23 April 1945.Morell left with Hitler's blessing and flew from Gatow to Obersalzberg where it was thought Hitler would set up his Alpine Redoubt but Hitler refused to leave Berlin.

    Stumptfegger remained a loyal physician to Hitler up to the downfall.It was Stumptfegger who procured the 12 cyanide pills intended to poison Hitler,Eva Braun,secretaries,selected domestic staff,Hitler's dog Blondi and the six Goebbels children.He left the bunker on 30 April 1945 with Bormann.Two skeletal remains were found in the early 1970s at the point where the Invalidenstrasse crosses the railway.The West German Government in April 1973 found that the remains as those of Stumptfegger and Bormann.

    I think Morell went through the deNazification process and lost the fortune he had built up in the service of Hitler.He had possessed luxurious villas in Berlin and on the Baltic coast and was in progress of building a third on the Obersalzberg...he must have lost these .He died at Tegernsee,Bavaria in May 1948.
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