Hitlers bunker

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    It is an interesting point about the looting. The Soviets at one point were allowed to actually send "loot" back home... about 3KG a month or something. This was stopped due to the negative impression it gave.
    In 2005 I managed to search out the bunker location which is as previously posted is under a carpark next to some flats. Took me a fair bit of research to pin point it, but I understand that there is actually a sign there now!.
    It is really ironic that the Holocaust Memorial is very close by, but very apt.

    In reality of course the soviets looted just about everything they could carry from the city .... the guide joked that the Soviet soldier on the Berlin Memorial cannot raise his arm because of all of the weight of the stolen wristwatches that he had on!.

    The point about not having an appreciation of art is an accurate one I feel... when in Budapest the guide there said that the castle/Palace was looted of funiture so that it could be set on fire by the Soviet Soldiers to keep warm!.
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    I enjoyed this idiot's guide to the famous 'bunker scene' from Downfall.

    Who is who, what they are saying and why is it relevant.

    Skip to 1:00 for the start.

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