Hitler's American model

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    As he considered the US a "nation of mongrels" why would he think our Jim Crow laws were the way to go?
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    I was watching the other day a series on the channel PBS America called 'War' and it was a 14 part series that dealt with WW2 events from a USA perspective but was dedicated to the lives of people in 4 UA towns, Mobil I think was one but the other I specifically remember was Waterbury, (Connecticut).

    One veteran who was raised in Waterbury ended up in Germany 1945 and he recalled the situation where he had taken some Germans prisoner, one of then said to him (with no type of accent at all), "Where are you from", the US soldier replied "USA", "Were abouts in the USA" asked the POW. "Connecticut" answered the soldier. "Where abouts in Connecticut" asked the POW, "Waterbury" replied the soldier. Then with amazement the US soldier heard the German POW say "Ah yes Waterbury, on the junction of 2 branches of the Naugatuck River" - "How do you know that?" asked the US soldier. "Because I was going to working in the administration of that part of the USA", the US soldier realising that this was going to be in the aftermath of Germany's invasion of USA

    One has to assume that this guy was telling the truth, and I see no reason to disbelieve, and also that Germany had taken the time to plan its invasion of USA to the extent of training its own in how to run the administration after the event

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    TD, what a story. This is the first time I come across the thought of an invasion by German troops in the US.

    May be I should not have started this thread. I feel a bit strange now, if you know what I mean.
    My joke in the past was always, Stalingrad prevented me being a General Manager in a hardware shop in Siberia after the war , if Germany had succeded in Stalingrad. I can now extend my joke.
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    I believe that the guy from Connecticut MIGHT heard the story, but the idea of Germany invading America is silly, in my opinion. Plus what are the odds of a guy from Connecticut running into the German that was going to administer part of Connecticut? I think that movie was produced by Ken Burns, who is very very loose with the facts and all his movies.
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    Hi Dave

    It wasn't a movie it was a 14 part series - found the link to it, although I note it states its a 7 part series totalling 14 hours, but I have been watching it as a 14 part series in 1 hour chunks - The War (miniseries) - Wikipedia

    In fact I read under the heading International releases that it was available in 14 parts.

    The information I quoted was from one of the soldiers who was interviewed, it wasn't reported by Ken Burns himself and I guess it would be from part 7 of the original series or 13 or more likely 14 of the longer series.

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    I've seen the series and remember that quote.
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    Slightly different but one of these "Document" BBC radio / audio series:

    BBC Radio 4 - Document, The White House Coup, 1933

    The White House Coup, 1933
    Mike Thomson presents the series using documentary evidence to throw new light on past events.

    2/3. The White House Coup

    As the Great Depression gripped the US during the 1930s, some of Wall Street's most famous names plotted to replace the new liberal-minded president Franklin Delano Roosevelt with a fascist leader.

    Edit: e.g. Business Plot - Wikipedia
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    Pretty much a wet firecracker, that plot.

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