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    Debate on the significance of WW2 in 'History':

    Dr Nick Lloyd: “The world wars’ central place in British memory and identity is right, proper and perfectly understandable”

    Dr Tracy Borman: “Fixation with the world wars – significant though they were – gives a distorted view of British history”

    Debate: Is British history too fixated with the story of the world wars?
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    Oh god. Yes, you need to be able to shut off that stuff and talk about everything else in life.
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    Shucks, even I know not everyone has an in interest in 75 year old history...or history in general, for that matter.

    However, I still don't miss the opportunities each semester to goad my eldest, who is receiving her BS in some phase of history in December, by asking what subject of WWII they are studying. Apparently it is not heavily scheduled topic at her college.
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