Hitlerite obsession

Discussion in 'Historiography' started by von Poop, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Debate on the significance of WW2 in 'History':

    Dr Nick Lloyd: “The world wars’ central place in British memory and identity is right, proper and perfectly understandable”

    Dr Tracy Borman: “Fixation with the world wars – significant though they were – gives a distorted view of British history”

    Debate: Is British history too fixated with the story of the world wars?
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    Oh god. Yes, you need to be able to shut off that stuff and talk about everything else in life.
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    Shucks, even I know not everyone has an in interest in 75 year old history...or history in general, for that matter.

    However, I still don't miss the opportunities each semester to goad my eldest, who is receiving her BS in some phase of history in December, by asking what subject of WWII they are studying. Apparently it is not heavily scheduled topic at her college.
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    Some time ago I heard an interview on the radio with a guy who used to work as a safe cracker in occupied France. His main role to to allow the Resistance to access documents in the offices of various German officials without the latter being aware that this had happened. This meant having to suss out the combinations of many safes. He said that one of the first ones to try was based on 2004
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    My favourite Hitler's birthday is his 1945 one.
    Middle-aged birthdays seem to trigger a certain amount of introspection.
    Introspect that, Adolf:
    [April 20, 1945], HQ Twelfth Army Group situation map.

    And on the thread theme.
    Think I've seen more people lazily called a Nazi and compared to Hitler in the last few years than I ever noticed before.
    The obsession isn't really going away.

    Dodgy business.
    The more the accusation is used unjustifiably, the weaker its power.
    Once everyone you don't like is a Nazi/Hitler, nobody is.
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    Yes, which makes the work of real fascists and Nazis easier for them and harder for the rest of us to detect.
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    A film from Ghana.

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    Watch it Grandma ,the Government will arrest you o_O

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    Anophthalmus hitleri - Wikipedia


    "The scientific name of the beetle comes from an Austrian collector, Oskar Scheibel, who was sold a specimen of a then undocumented species in 1933. Its species name was made a dedication to Adolf Hitler, who had recently become Chancellor of Germany. The genus name means eyeless, so the full name can be translated as "the eyeless one of Hitler". The dedication did not go unnoticed by the Führer, who sent Scheibel a letter showing his gratitude"
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    Another super animation.

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