Hitler in Vienna 1906-1913 (Then/now)

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    My 2017 visit to Vienna and Austria included a number of historical sites and I want to share a detailed review of the sites, connected with Adolf Hitler and his so-called 1906-1913 ‘’Viennese period”. I have used a number of books about Vienna, biographies of Hitler, including Ian Kershaw’s and Briggite Hamann’s masterpieces to cover the exhaustedly detailed 6000-word article on Hitler early years and the story of these particular city sites. As always, you can count on me to find plenty of photos and Google maps with all markings.

    Hope, you will enjoy the material and inspire yourself to travel, read books and to give me feedback. Please leave comments, ask questions, suggest alterations, share with friends and those interested.

    Adolf Hitler in Vienna 1906-1913. Hitler Vienna sites

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    Hitler's Viennese Period?

    This means nothing to me, but I'll give it a whirl.


    My puns are wasted on you lot!
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    In a nutshell.....slum years of what might be assessed of a down and out individual.

    The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich as I recollect by William Shirer gives a good insight to Hitler's beginnings and his emergence as a dictator and the ultimate downfall.
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    I have started my book-ww2-story with Shirer but now, years and dozens of a book later, can advice Ian Kershaw and Briggite Hamann

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