History Today - Who Is the Most Important Historian of the Past 60 Years?

Discussion in 'Historiography' started by von Poop, Nov 4, 2011.

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    Well if we are talking about Important then Overrated would have to be included too!
    Maybe under annoying? But I get the point (I know who I'm thinking of) - we'll start with both.
    The list is not looking very inclusive at the moment. To avoid accusations of sexism, do we need a Best Hertorian category?
    At the risk of sounding more patronising, I could put a 'best female' category in, but I might find it tricky re. my own WW2 Interests - depressingly I suspect none of my tanky/gunny/uniformy books have a female author.
    Aha, Anne Forty! Splendid.
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    Lads, all due respect but why exactly are we distinguishing between genders in relation to historians? We're not having a Male Historian Category are we? If everyone feels the need for it then fire away but in the interests of equality I fail to see the need to differentiate. All Historians are equal!!!
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