History 8th Battalion The Royal Scots 1939-1945

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    That date killed corresponds to Operation Epsom. Tough battle for all those involved.

    I suggest you get copies of the War Diary for that period and his Service Records (the latter cost £30 from the MOD unless you are Next of Kin in which case they are gratis). Note: the War Diary will contain details of the Regimental actions on a day by day basis but are unlikely to contain any direct details of Pvt Gilding.

    Good luck with your research.
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    The 8RS War Diary for the 26th June makes for chilling reading. Battalions first ever day in Action and Peter one of 16 killed. RIP.
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    Thank you all for your prompt replies and excellent information, which i shall now delve into.
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    Can I ask the usual simple question?....why are you researching Peter? We may be able to guide you further if we know the background.
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    I attempting to research the names on my local village war memorial, which is Fishtoft.
    Best regards.
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    Excellent. Very worthwhile project.

    Fishtoft as in Boston/Frieston? If so, small world....I'm originally from Spalding and was in Boston only a couple of weeks ago.
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    Yes that's the one
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    HI Steve, my grandfather also served with the 2nd Battalion, the Herefordshire Regiment. In fact, he started his service with the Carrier Platoon. I would be interested to get in contact. Please send me a message. D.
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    Thank you so very much for the history of the 8th Battalion Royal Scots.
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    Just joined this site has been very useful,
    looking for info on my great uncle Peter Sadler McFadyen who was with the 8th Royal Scots, died on the 29th June 1944, buried at St. Manvieu War Cemetery, Cheux, reading this thread with all its sadness it brings comfort that he was buried in the same place as other guys hopefully friends from the 8th RS.
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