Historiography of the Falaise Gap

Discussion in 'Historiography' started by falaisegap, Aug 19, 2010.

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    The David Icke of the Monty Bashers?

    Gentlemen and Ladies, we have a new winner. I have not read this book (yet) but if it displaces Richard Rohmer's "Patton's Gap" as the worst book I have ever read on Normandy, it will have achieved something... Yes, worse than 'The War Between The Generals' by that Irving fellow.
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    I encourage you to go to the US Amazon site and post an appropriate (i.e., one star) review. Much of what has been said here is exactly right. There are a large number of (ignorant) positive reviews that deserve well-informed counterbalancing.

    He did not dare to engage you here, but he does respond to Amazon reviews.

    Incidentally, I do not think Carlo D'Este's book is anti-British. At least with respect to Falaise Gap, D'Este says that Bradley's decision to halt was his own decision, and not forced on him by Monty.


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