High School massacre and increased War time gun crime?

Discussion in 'Home Fronts' started by redtop, Feb 18, 2018.

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    My source?

    A presentation in the Bar of the Petwood Hotel on the final stand of an RAF Staff Ride Facilitators Course. The subject was compare and contrast leadership styles of Guy Gibson and Leonard Cheshire. It was run by Force Development from Cranwell. Seb Lloyd was there so it must be true!
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    Agreed. Criminals were quick to desert. The last prisoners in the HM Tower were the Kray Twins called up under National Service and deserting.
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    I'm reminded of a story I was told many years ago.

    Canada was part of the ICC and ICCS in the 60s and 70s and as such Canadian military personnel were sent to Vietnam.
    It got to the point that so many AK47s and SKS rifles, as well as a few Chicom hand grenades, were sent home that the Department of External Affairs in Ottawa, which handled mail service for personnel, had to have an RCMP officer stationed in the mail room.
    Don't know about the grenades but the rifles are now part of the War Museum's collection. I took a tour through their storage facilities in the 80s and, you name the Warsaw Pact country and there was an AK from there in the collection.
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    Well thank you all for your answers,when I asked the question I was thinking of official weapons kept at home not having given a thought to the illegal/trophy weapons ,

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