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Discussion in 'User Introductions' started by huynhthi870, May 4, 2018.

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    Hi everyone, I am delighted to have found this forum as I am writing a blog (on a weight watchers forum) on my memmories of the war.
    Am very pleasantly surprised at how many people have urged me to continue as they are so interested in it. I haven't had anything spectacular happen to me during that time, it's just a few odds and ends of life as I remember it.

    Soo, have a few questions I want to ask to refresh my memory! ..... :unsure:
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    Oh look yet another Vietnamese spammer who copy & pasted another member's post from an old thread.
    This one.
    Hi everybody!

    I shall Ban yet another unwanted member .
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    It wont be a flesh-and-blood spammer but an automated bot. It's very common now. Symptoms seem to be that they copy very old posts--or sections of them--include links in text, profiles and signature lines and post from IP addresses in Eastern Europe, South-East Asia (Vietnam and Thailand mostly) and the Subcontinent.
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    Democracy: We Deliver!
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