Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire regiment? Royal Engineers?

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    Hello to all,

    I am currently researching my ancestry on my fathers side. I have very little to go on but do know my Grandfather served in this regiment and survived. He was unaware he was my late Dads Father. I am trying not only to confirm this but also to find out his whereabouts during the 2nd world war. I have found distant relatives of his but they know very little about him or his whereabouts during this time.

    I am looking for information on where he would been during the time he served.
    The only information I have is his regiment and he went to Dunkirk and arrived back safely.

    I am trying to find out his Battalion and where they went after Dunkirk. I am trying to place him in the UK in mid 1941.

    if you should have any ideas or information/photos on this regiment I would be so grateful, I do have one photo so I now know what he looks like. I am also looking for more photos of this regiment

    Thank you so much for taking the one to read This

    Take care.
  2. Tony56

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    You may well have seen from other posts on this forum that there is only one way to start researching an individual and that is to send off for the official service records, only available from the MOD:
    Get a copy of military service records

    You DO NOT need any military details to obtain these, just name, date of birth and a death certificate. Unfortunately there is a wait to obtain records but it is the only option.
  3. Guy Hudson

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    2nd Battalion Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment were in Belgium and France in 1940.
    What was his name?
  4. minden1759

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    If he was at Dunkirk then it is mostly likely that he was in 2nd Battalion. 1st Battalion were in the Middle East at the time and 5th Battalion never left the UK until being sent to Singapore in 1942.

    If he was in 2nd Battalion, and only his Service Record will confirm it, then he fought with 10 Infantry Brigade, 4 Infantry Division in Italy. That would place him at the Fourth Battle of Monte Cassino in May 44 although the Battalion actually arrived in that part of Italy on holding the line duties in Mar 44. After Cassino, the Battalion moved north, fighting a series of small battles along the way before being used for the set piece attack on the Gothic Line in Sep 44.


  5. Sunshine1

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    His name was Joesph Flynn, born in 1918 and died in 1981. He was born in Ireland and died in the UK.

    His name was Joesph Flynn. Born in 1918 in Ireland and died in the UK in 1981. I do know he had a missing index finger but when this was lost I don’t know.

    With dna matched to his family and several other things we believe he is my Grandad. We do have to put him in the UK in mid 1941 to finish the puzzle. This is what is difficult but I will keep searching.
    we do have one photo of him in uniform that has been past to us, my brother did some research and he believes his cap badge is that of the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire regiment, I do hope he is right.

    Thank you so much for reading my post.

    Kind regards,
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    Hi Leigh,

    The evidence of his 1941 unit should be recorded in his service record. From that information you could look for the 1941 war diary as that will give a day by day location for the unit.

    Obtaining the service looks like your best way forward.

    Good Luck

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  7. Sunshine1

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    Thank you so much for the information. I guess my next move is to try and get his service records. Nothing is certain until I do this.
    Many thanks
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    Do you know what I need to get the records. As yet I can not prove I am a family member.
    I may be able to apply for his death certificate .
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  9. Tullybrone

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    You don’t need to be a family member to obtain a copy death certificate.

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on the relationship issue. I would just tick the grandchild box and submit the forms as NOK. MOD don’t do genealogical research themselves. They accept what you say on the forms.

    In any event as he passed away over 25 years ago you don’t actually need to be NOK to obtain his service record.

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  10. Sunshine1

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    Great, that makes life easy.
    Thanks for the information. I will do it now and once I receive it get the service records.
  11. Sunshine1

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    Is there any where on the site I can post my Grandfathers name, you never know if any one has ever heard of him.

    since starting my dna search I now know even the little bits of information can help with the bigger picture
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    If he was Beds and Herts he would’ve been 2nd Battalion. They were based in Gravesend, Kent from 1936-39 before going over to France. I have their complete history by way of a book written by their Commanding Officer.
    Please feel free to post the picture and anything else that says he was definitely Beds and Herts.

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  13. Sunshine1

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    Would it be possible to email you the photo I have so you can confirm the cap badge. I don’t feel I can post it online as It was given to me by his 99 year old sister who is still alive. I do feel it’s not my right to post it for all to see right at this moment.
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  14. Alex1975uk

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    I just messaged you with my email address.
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  15. Sunshine1

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    Thank you all for your advice and information
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    I did put a post on here some time ago but thought I would do another, not sure if I am in the right section.

    I am searching for records/ information on my Grandfather.
    We know very little about him. The details I have are as follows

    Jospeh Flynn born 1918 in Ireland.
    Left Ireland and signed up in the London area. He was living with his Sister Mary Baines ,nee Flynn at the time.
    We do have a photo of my Grandfather in uniform and believe it to be the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire regiment. This is the only information we have.

    We have today spoken with someone who thinks he was in the Royal Engineers. This has really confused us. We have found records of him being unable to read and write so would he have got in?
    He was a very clever man with his hands and built several things for boats and other large machinery.
    I really have come to s stand still with him. I have no family that knew him or are aware of his past.

    Any ideas ? It would be great to hear from someone who can help or even chat

    There was talk of him being at Dunkirk and he did survive. I am afraid I can’t confirm this.

  17. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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  19. Sunshine1

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    I will do that. I only have a name and dob, I am not sure if they will need more information than that. nothing else is confirmed, only the uniform he is wearing in one photo.

    Many thanks
  20. Alex1975uk

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    Repost the pic please? I can’t remember but can’t imagine I wouldn’t have commented being Beds and Herts related....


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