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  1. jemm

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    Looking for help please with this photo I believe it was taken after 1943 the woman is a relative of mine and the photo was sent to me about 12 years ago but I can't for the life of me recall what her role was. From the photo, I assume she is helping to refuel the tank. Would there have been a specific name or regiment for women involved in this role.
    She was trained in mechanics and after the war she serviced her car etc.

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  2. Mr Jinks

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  3. von Poop

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    Lovely shot. Cheers for sharing.
    (A Churchill tank, by the way. )
    Kyle beat me to it, but I'd say they were ATS Uniforms. Same unit as her Maj. served with.

    Not sure about refuelling, as I can't see a hose as such. & Churchills refuel from the rear deck.
    Looks like maybe welding or cutting pipe, or perhaps more likely an air compressor or oiler. (Churchills very prone to stuff building up around the turret ring.) Would have to stare at some equipment shots to be sure.
  4. von Poop

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    Hmm. They may be spraying paint...
  5. jemm

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    Hi Von Poop and Mr Jinks, thanks for the replies. Yes she was ATS as I have another of her marching and with some of her colleagues :)
  6. jemm

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    Think I will just put the caption "Kitty and colleagues carrying out maintenance on a Churchill Tank, that should cover me lol :)
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    Definitely not fueling, its definitely a Churchill though, greasing , but she's on the track guard over the tracks

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