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    Looking for some help! I had the pleasure of working with Henry many years ago, and after he died in 1991 I promised myself that I would research his history. I'm hoping that this forum will point me to information / leads that can help.

    Name: Henry Bruce Renny,
    Born: 14 Sept 1924 in Rangoon, St Mary
    Died: 2 Apr 1991 in Tunbridge Wells

    Commissioned: 12 Feb 1945, in Gazette of India 30 June 1945
    Unit: General List IA
    Regtl. no: 11839

    Received MC whilst 2nd Lieut attached to Force 136 for an action on 24 August 1945 at DAWRAKHU (I have a copy of the citation (WO 373/101)

    Thank you
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    I assume you have already seen his personnel file - HS 9/1247/1?
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    Death details

    Name: Henry Bruce Renny
    Birth Date: 14 Sep 1924
    Date of Registration: Apr 1991
    Age at Death: 66
    Registration district: Tunbridge Wells
    Inferred County: Kent
    Volume: 16
    Page: 1954

    Marriage info:

    Name: Henry B Renny
    Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1952
    Registration district: Wood Green
    Inferred County: Middlesex
    Spouse: Betty Crook
    Volume Number: 5f
    Page Number: 1036

    There are some family trees (private & public) on Ancestry if you are a member, the creators of those trees may be worth contacting


    edited to add:
    Maybe download the document from here as well - I haven't so do not know what is in it - http://www.academia.edu/2320284/THE_MOST_SECRET_LIST_OF_SOE_AGENTS_R
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    If you need a copy of his SOE P/F message me

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    He was with the Character -WALRUS Mission and won an immediate MC
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    Thank you. Sorry not to have responded more quickly, but I've been away for a few days. I have ordered Henry's personnel file. Are there details somewhere of the WALRUS mission?
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    Thank you for your help so far. I am waiting for Henry's personnel file to arrive from the National Archives. I have also located his medal - it was gifted to the Montrose Museum.

    I came across a really interesting article about Operation CHARACTER at:

    Raising the Karens- Force 136 parachute insertions into the Karen Hills, Burma, 1945
    By Harry Fecitt MBE TD (ex-17 PARA)


    It has maps, photos and lots of references - plenty to follow up on!

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    Hi Joe

    Harry is a member of this forum - for information

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    thank you - perhaps Harry will contact me.

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    If it helps your search.
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