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  1. Emanuel1940

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    Hi All,

    Does anyone in their collections possess the November 1942 issue of The Prisoner of War Magazine? I have attached what the Magazines looked like.

    I am looking for a very specific photo which I have also attached.

    Your help would be most appreciated.

    Thank you everyone.

    Kind regards,


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  2. Barb20

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    Can anyone tell me when the earliest issue of this magazine was please. Thanks. Barb20
  3. NickFenton

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    First issue was May 1942, l believe as this is numbered Volume 1. No. 1. and the last l can find was dated July 1945, Volume 4. No 39.

    Funny numbering, there were 39 in the set.

    What are you after, missing a few, but looking to complete the set.


  4. Barb20

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    Thanks for your response. Not looking for any particular issue but was wondering how early the mag was started as in the March 1943 issue there was mention of conditions in work camp E494 and my uncle was in this camp until October 1940. The March 1943 report mentions new barracks and I was hoping I might find out conditions at this camp whilst my uncle was there, as it was from here that he ended up in hospital!
  5. NickFenton

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    I'm not sure the POW magazines are the place to look. There is some truth and certainly you can read between the lines but the photo's were supplied by the German/Swiss Authorities for publication in the mags. Pictures from 1941 were appearing in the 1942/43 magazines.

    I have a good selection of the photo's on my web site, some of which appeared in the magazines, but they were certainly designed to paint a rosy picture rather than the truth, not that what they depict did not take place, organised by the camps themselves.

    If you want to find out what conditions existed in E494 you need to look up the camp history at Kew, if it does exist for your camps, written by the guys who were there.

    If you would like me to have a looksee next time l am at Kew, let me know. I will also go through my magazines to see if there is any mention of E494.

    Meanwhile, if anyone has any POW mags, early version, please let me know as l am looking to get a full set together and then may consider donation to a museum. Only missing a few now but some better copies of some would be of use.


  6. Miffy3001

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    Selling a few copies of this magazine on eBay if there are of any interest? Item 201266740455
  7. Davenport7

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    Nick Fenton,

    I trust your well its Ian the grandson of Les Davenport who must of 'rubbed shoulders with Ken in prison camp. I was really going to target this year trying to find pictures of Les in POW camps. In these magazines (which I have none of) are they stuffed with pictures and would it be easy to look through to see if my grandfather was in any of them.

    I would like to speak to someone RE the magazines and whether anyone had the whole set. Trouble is I would not want you to look through all to spot any mention of Les or look for a face in a crowd.

    Not sure where to start whether I need to buy all of these or just go to Kew? I would like some assistance and pointers. Ws there 39 papers to a volume??


  8. NickFenton

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    The pictures were produced by the Germans and sent to Britain for the magazine, the same pictures that appear elsewhere and on my web site.

    In the main they are totally anonymous and have no names so it really is a case of going through them to see if you recognise anyone. I have them all bar 2, both of which are before your Grandfathers capture so l do cover the period you are looking at.

    The POW's needed to show they were ok and that the system was not getting them down so they tended to be very cheery pictures. My Fathers AG/WOp did this by appearing in every hut photo at Stalag Luft 9c, Bad Sulza, bit of a comic, with a big grin in the hope that one would be published and his family see it.

    Happy to try to help, not sure that Kew has that many.


  9. Maxine Cleminson

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    I am looking for information on Graudenz military prison, where British POWs who had been convicted of breaking German military rules were sent after court martial. I believe that in a 1943 issue (not sure what month), there is a description of the Graudenz prison, and I am really keen to find out more. Any information, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Incredibledisc

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    I have uploaded scans of several issues of the POW magazine to the resources section of the site. Click the tab at the top of the page to access it.
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