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    Hello! I am puzzled by a few of the entries on a WW2 Service Record and wondered if anyone can help please?

    1. Nature of Engagement: TA (W) - does this mean Territorial for the duration of the war?

    2. Classification: Admin. Room Orderley - was this his role in the Territorials? (He never went overseas)

    3. Medical Category: B7 - what does this mean please?

    4. At the end of his service, it states 'Y List E. B Release' - what does all this mean?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to the forum. I see this is your first post.

    Could you please post a scan or photo of the queried entries as members prefer to see the original documents - in case you have misread the quoted phrases - which is not an uncommon ocurrence!

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    Here's a picture of 2. :)

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    And a photo for 3.

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    Medical Category - see attached

    Y list
    Info on Y List please!


    From NZ records (WW1) which would be based on UK explanations and used again for WW2

    X List
    During the period from 1939 to 1945, the British and the Commonwealth forces created a system to list down military personnel who were not serving with a unit or absent from their regular unit during the war for reasons such as transferred or back in transit from another post of duty or different unit or other necessary yet valid circumstances of war. Most people searching for WW2 NZ army records would most likely refer to and from the ‘X’ list files to corroborate findings on the military record of the military personnel whom they think have served during the WWI to WWII period.

    Y List
    Almost just like the ‘X’ list, the ‘Y’ list pertains to the listing of active yet undischarged New Zealand military personnel during the war but presumed ‘ineffective’ due to reasons of disability, disease,detention, etc.

    Z List
    The ‘Z’ list was the army reserve or contingents list of the Kiwis created in December of 1918 to answer the call augmentation forces of the British Royal Army against Germany. The list was abolished and defunct on March 31, 1920 releasing all military personnel from the list.


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    Fantastic! Thank you very much.
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    What do you make of this one please?
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    If you are asking what an admin room orderly is, it's a clerk.
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    Thanks Tony. I just wanted someone wiser than me to confirm that this was his role in the TA? He was a clerk? I know from his medical category and the rest of his service record that he never served abroad. Any thoughts on what he might have actually done would be brilliant :)
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    Not quite sure that I understand your question and, certainly not wiser, so only guessing, but there was a mountain of paperwork involved in the war effort. My father's operational war diaries and regimental orders in themselves contain pages and pages which all had to be to written up, collated, distributed, there were casualty and medical records, decorations and awards, stores requisitions and disposals, vehicles, fuel, food and bullets, incoming and outgoing mail, individual's service records, charges against personnel, court martials, the list is endless. I was amazed at the detail and paper trails involved. Presumably the same applied to home based units and someone in the UK had to receive returns from overseas.
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    Thanks again Tony. That's exactly what I was asking. And now for the interesting bit... He went AWOL a lot - I mean a lot!! I wonder why considering that his job was not dangerous and presumably he didn't even live away from home???
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    This is the picture for point 4. From what you've already helped with this was a list of 'non-effectives' on their way to discharge??? I wonder what the E stands for? Can't find a list of the letters anywhere. Thank you in advance.

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    E = Effective from ??

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