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    2025384: Stanley Marshall, Pte, 1st Bn, The York Lancashire Regiment was captured on 28 Apr 1940 at OTTAW? Norway. Prison Number: 4922. His Questionnaire reports he was at the following camps in Poland:
    1. May 1940 - Nov 1940: Camp No: D - B, Danzig. Approx 6 months. Where is this camp? I can’t find it on any POW Camp Maps. (Note 5 month time gap to next camp)

    2. Apr 1941 - Dec 1941: Camp No: Stalag XXB, Marienburg (Molberk). Approx 8 months. A transcript of the record puts him here in 1942.

    3. Jan 1942 - Jan 1945: Working Camp near Dirschau (Tczew). Nature of Work: Building Estate. Approx 3 years. Where is this camp? I can’t find it on any POW Camp Maps.
    He made mention that he marched for 7 weeks from Dirschau to Wiltenberge or Wittenberg (Can’t quite make out his writing). Not sure if this was part of ‘The Evacuation March’ or one of his movement between camps.

    Note: A camp he neglected to mention, and it is on a transcript of his German POW Card, is Stalag XXA Thorn (Torun). The transcript just records his capture date of 28 Apr 1940 in Norway. No internment dates.

    I did stumble across info on the web, that there was a Thomas Ryan, also from 1st Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment, who was captured in Norway and he arrived at Stalag XXA on 28 Apr 1940 - Sep 1940. Not sure if this is relevant, but I am wondering if Stanley wasn’t sure about his dates of internment at each camp.
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    Your best bet will be to set your alarm very early tomorrow so you can log on to Red Cross site the minute it opens and request a copy of what they hold. You need to be quick off the mark as the application process can close after 60 to 90 minutes.

    Requests for information about people held during Spanish Civil War or Second World War: Quarterly limit reached

    They don’t provide work camp details just about Stalag’s.

    It’s a free service and you should get a reply via email in 6 to 8 weeks.

    You could also look in National Archives WO416 series of documents for his POW Index card(s) that were seized from German archives in 1945. They often record work camps.

    Good Luck

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    Hi Steve, what is the link to the Red Cross site? Im in Perth Aus, so not sure it will work for me - but I am interested to see this site. I am pleased to learn that his German POW Card will list all the work camps he has been in.

    thx for replying

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    Not sure what you mean about link to Red Cross site? Just click on the link in my post and what you read ought to be self explanatory?

    You get the same information from their files wherever you live in the world via the power of the internet.

    You’ll now have to wait until January 2024 for the next enquiry window to open - full details in the link.

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    Aah The penny has dropped. Did not see the link in your first email. Thanks for your patience.
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    The place of capture was OTTA and Wiki has a brief mention:
    From: Otta, Norway - Wikipedia

    His active part in WW2 was very short:
    From: 1st Bn York and Lancaster Regt

    There is a very short thread on the action @ Otta: 1st Y&L War Diary help?

    Note it states the British formation in the fighting was The Green Howards, a separate infantry regiment from Yorkshire.

    If you search here with Otta there are a small number of threads. They might help give you some context of what happened. The Norway campaign was a disaster.

    The two specified POW camps can be searched for here, although the search facility is rather limited, so it will not find XXA. Try using for example "Stalag XXB"

    Only your recent threads have his Service Number.

    It might be worth checking the Yorks and Lancaster Regiment Museum. See: Homepage – Clifton Park and Museum
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    This is gold! Thank you for this

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